In Pictures: Luna, Acro Felipe, Organic Jam & More @ Quaglinos

December 05, 2016

There’s no doubt about it, party season is in full swing and we here at Sternberg Clarke are worked off our feet making sure that the entertainment you want is available for your Christmas party! Far be it from us to blow our own trumpet but the festive party season got into the swing of things brilliantly last week with a fabulous corporate event at Quaglinos in St. James’s.

Luna is a superb aerial artist that performs with an aerial hoop suspended high above the guests. Performing a routine complete with a multitude of tricks and turns, the entertainment was warmly received as Organic Jam looked on from the stage. They themselves performed a superb set complete with the DJ’s beats, saxophone and a fair amount of percussion, which had the attendees dancing all night long!

 In terms of strolling entertainment, we were happy to provide the Balloonatics and a Silhouette Artist (not pictured); these are two truly unique acts that come from our ‘More’ strand – entertainment that is hard to categorise thanks to their original concepts. From LED jugglers to living topiary, there’s a lot to enjoy!

 To cap off a fine evening, we provided Acro Felipe to wow the room with his superb circus act. Performing on stilts which he heightens after each trick, by the end of the performance, guests were seen to have their mouths wide open at the stunning routine. Certainly something to be remembered for years to come!

 All in all it was a brilliant evening at Quaglinos and its brilliant to have started the festive party season with a bang!



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By Henry Fosdike