In Pictures: LED Ballerinas @ The V&A

September 14, 2017

We seem to be at the V&A every week at the moment with numerous entertainment acts that perfectly suit the surroundings of this most impressive London venue. This week was no different as we descended on the museum with a trio of spellbinding ballerinas adorned in white LEDs, with musical accompaniment provided by two violinists. What could be more beautiful than that? As it turns out – nothing. Admire the photos below and we think you will agree that this was a truly stunning evening of entertainment.

If you peruse our website and don’t quite see the entertainment to hire for your particular event – perhaps you had something in mind that you can’t seem to find – we often point guests in the direction of the ‘Create’ tab in the top right corner of our web page. That’s right, if you can’t find what you’re looking to book, you can create your very own act! Over the years we’ve had free runners and a violinist perform in tandem, and have wowed guests at Banqueting House with a circus/classical music combination. Don’t even get us started on the fabulous spaceman eventwe worked on just a few months ago!

 Our client wanted to celebrate their party using the rather broad scope of ‘time’. With the event taking on this theme, we opted for a bespoke LED ballet with live musical accompaniment. Sure, the music could have been piped through some speakers but there’s something to be said for live music in a venue like the V&A. Most attendees won’t have experienced the delight of a private recital in such a tremendous venue and to provide the finest entertainment, hiring musicians really is the only way to go.

 Our brilliant choreographer Sophie and a trio of ballerinas worked for a number of weeks putting together show and making sure that everything was ‘just so’. Our client were extremely helpful in this regard by placing absolute trust in the act and the performers; there was no interference and we really feel that this allowed the dancers to be as creative as possible, pushing the boundaries of what entertainment at events is all about.

 The photos, as you can see, showcase an absolutely stellar entertainment act and we can’t wait to share LED Ballerinas at more events. The client was delighted with the performance and we strongly feel that this was one of our standout events of the year. As ever, thanks must go to The V&A and we cannot wait to return with more entertainment in tow.



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By Henry Fosdike