In Pictures: Le Gateau Chocolat @ Messe, Berlin

August 01, 2018

Sometimes we receive enquiries so outlandish and brilliant that we never think for one second that they’ll go ahead. Heliosphere at York Minster was one example and Le Gateau Chocolat in Berlin was another. Lucky for us, both events went ahead and hold onto your hats because this event was absolutely incredible!

First things first, this was a high profile event so we absolutely cannot say anything about the client but what we can say is that it wasn’t just our beloved Le Gateau Chocolat on the bill, oh no. This event actually had Kylie. Kylie! Take a moment to appreciate that. The legendary Aussie pop star was able to share the bill with everyone’s favourite diva. Sensational.

    How many people were in the room at Messe, Berlin we hear you ask? As you may have guessed from the entertainment on the bill, this was not an intimate occasion. This was an event attended by 3,500 delegates, which pretty much made it the place to be in Berlin when we were there. With a party atmosphere from the get go, this was one of the finest shows we’ve ever been involved in (and over the past 25+ years, we’ve been involved in a lot!)

     Featuring bespoke costumes specially made for the occasion, Le Gateau Chocolat looked absolutely stunning on each appearance, flitting between red, black and a white/gold number (or was it black and blue..?) that had the crowd in raptures. He presented over 60(!) awards and performed 3 full shows all with the help of an ensemble dance troupe who were just as amazing as well.

    The entire extravaganza really did feel like a party and the energy shown by the dancers and Le Gateau Chocolat absolutely stunned the room. There were ribbons, numerous dance moves and of course, Gateau's signature baritone tunes. It was a marvellous performance that comfortably suited the gargantuan Messe venue.

    As you can see from the photos, at times this sensational event looked more like a fashion parade than a corporate event and certainly wouldn’t look out of place between the pages of Vogue or Vanity Fair. Having produced the entire production, we’d find it impossible to be any happier than we were having seen the gorgeous photos. A true spectacle, we cannot wait to book Le Gateau Chocolat for more performance and strongly urge you to consider booking him for your next event. 

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By Henry Fosdike