In Pictures: Isabella, Pixie Le Knot, Organic Jam and Ulrike @ Guildhall, London

May 31, 2016

May seems to be the month for showcases with a couple happening each and every week! The most recent one took place just last week in the City of London at the stunning Guildhall. It was a showcase that took the form of a splendid dinner, with the entertainment from Sternberg Clarke sprinkled throughout. These photos from Duncan Kelman help to show what a marvellous evening it was for the lucky few who attended!

   The companies involved in making the evening as incredible as it could be were the-recipe (catering), White Light Event (production), Event Hire (furniture) and Pinstripes & Peonies (flowers), as well as our good selves providing the entertainment. With a lineup such as that, it was almost certain that the Guildhall event would be one that was remembered long into the future and so it proved with a variety of wonderful dishes set against spellbinding production.

  We had chosen to hire a harpist in the form of the incredibly talented Isabella for the drinks reception at the start of the evening, which was absolutely perfect to begin what was an extremely elegant occasion. As the drink flowed, so did the chatter and before long, everybody was ready for the main event; a fabulous and intimate dinner.

   Guildhall has laid host to a variety of glittering banquets over the years including royal celebrations as well as hosting a number of visiting dignitaries over the years. At over 800 years old, it has also been used for key historical anniversaries and offers a stunning Grade I-listed medieval backdrop to a whole host of private and corporate events. We felt incredibly fortunate to experience the nature of this venue in all its glory and provided entertainment that we thought emphasised the spirit of the building.

       Ulrike provides entertainment that is jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring all in one. Instead of juggling with her hands, she juggles with her feet – a performance that stunned the room into silence as soon as she began. A cylinder, a hoop and an umbrella all form part of her act, a beautiful and engaging act that had diners desperate for more. Luckily she performed two sets for the crowd so we had that covered!

       As the food and drink were consumed, we decided that the guests might benefit from a little night music and laid on the superb Organic Jam, which adds a contemporary twist to what one might expect. A DJ plays some chilled out tunes whilst a musician plays over the top. For this particular evening, we had Tamar playing the saxophone, which went down brilliantly for such a majestic venue.

     Alas, all good things come to an end and so it was true of the Guildhall London showcase… But not before one last trick up our sleeve! To bring the event to its natural conclusion, we had hired a contortionist to wow the crowd once more! Pixie Le Knot is one of the finest entertainers in the business and as the photos show, she’s not afraid to manipulate her limbs into seemingly impossible poses to the delight of everybody watching.

 It was a truly spellbinding night in the City of London and we cannot wait to return, be it with some fanfare trumpeters, ToneAcity or something completely different. Do you have any ideas for what entertainment should be hired for your Guildhall event? Then get in touch with us using the contact details below or search around the website for more exciting entertainment acts to hire.


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By Henry Fosdike