In Pictures: Hampton Court Palace Wedding Showcase

December 05, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good showcase? Events suppliers come together to show off some of their stunning abilities in glorious surroundings and enjoy what can only be described as an absolutely stellar networking environment. We worked together with Rhubarb (catering), Grosvenor Stationery (invitations, order of service, menus), Lavender Green (flowers), Nick Rose (photography) and the Historical Royal Palaces team at Hampton Court to ensure a superb evening for all in attendance!

Being providers of entertainment at a showcase is no easy task. You want to showcase your best and brightest acts but are keenly aware that many forms of entertainment are seen on a fairly constant basis including brilliant pianists, beautiful harpists and sensational string quartets. If you’ve been to a wedding in the past few years, the chances are high that you have seen at least one of these acts at each one. We wanted to do something different though, something in keeping with the theme of a fairytale wedding. Naturally, any fairytale wedding would be an elegant affair, but wouldn’t it also be a huge celebration as well? Of course it would!

 Step forward some LED Drummers. We love the sound of the pulsating beaters against the drumksin and we assembled five of the fabulous Box 9 Drumline to showcase their exhilarating new act, which comes with sensational LEDs. With the showcase starting well past sunset, it made sense to welcome guests with entertainment that can not only be seen in the dark, but which are at their best in darkness as well. The drummers fulfilled this criteria easily, as can be seen in the video below (apologies for the poor quality video – we hope you can ascertain some of the brilliance of the display!)

Having passed the drummers, we wanted guests to be welcomed into the Hampton Court wedding with something other than the usual meet and greet acts. Royal Footmen are a great choice if you’re wanting a little comedy in amongst the ceremony of a wedding at a historic palace, but for the evening’s proceedings we decided to show off a pair of Lightwalkers – stilt walkers in an elegant costume that really helps them to stand out from the crowd. Not only were they tremendously friendly but they really provided a fab photo opportunity as seen below.

  Those who were lucky enough to have an invitation to this event were undoubtedly delighted by these early entertainment acts but there was much more to come (and enjoy!) Sitting down to a short dinner courtesy of Rhubarb – which was extremely tasty! – guests were surprised to find the absolutely wonderful London Contemporary Voices perform from the Minstrels Gallery. Delivering a 5 minute performance that blew away the room, this act perfectly fused tradition with the contemporary, and received a huge round of applause for their excellent rendition.

   Was that all for the entertainment at the Hampton Court Palace Wedding Showcase? Absolutely not! What happens after the wedding breakfast? A bit of dancing of course! Playing in the Undercroft, we had Organic Jam, where a DJ and musician perform in tandem to great effect. On this particular evening, we had top saxophonist Harry play along to the tunes delivered by DJ Mark. A fun end to a fantastic evening!

 We loved the Hampton Court wedding showcase and can’t wait return for many more real weddings in the future. 



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By Henry Fosdike