In Pictures: Graphologist, Mash Machine, Scalextric and More @ Excel London

December 04, 2015

With the festive season well and truly under way with various work Christmas party planners stressed beyond belief, you may be forgiven for thinking that December is so chock full of them that no other celebrations can possibly take place. Not so, dear reader, not so, for we headed off to help celebrate the end of a conference at ExCeL London with a fab party that included some of our most entertaining acts.

When people think of party entertainment, they often only think about music, magic and dance. Perhaps a bit of circus entertainment to wow the guests. But what many might not realise is that this is a very small part of the entertainment experience. If you think about what you like to do at home, that too is entertainment and some event planners want to do that… BUT BIGGER.

With that in mind, take a look at all these wonderful photos from the ExCeL London last night! The ExCeL is a brilliant venue in so much as that it’s practically a blank canvas. You can do whatever you like with the space (within the safety regulations of course…) and to put it mildly, we like to think we made it look pretty spectacular for the corporate event taking place.

 Jack Morton Worldwide set us up with a brief that required innovation, collaboration and interactive entertainment. LED entertainment perhaps? Digital games maybe? Arcade classics? Or you know, something that could just be described as fun with a competitive element. After a bit of pondering, we put forward a whole host of hi-tech entertainment – they’d clearly read our blog on the subject – and this was the result.

   A huge scalextric? Check! Four virtual racers? Hell yes! A Mash Machine where you can create your own music? Mmhmm (x 2). To put it mildly, this was the sort of party that would unleash your inner teenager. If you were wanting to play a game of chess, you could. You were even able to graffiti a wall (digitally) and then find out what your handwriting meant from the graphologist. Wanting some memories of the night? Why not head over to the Photobooth? All of these acts can be found on our 'More' page so do check them out in more detail!

   To put it bluntly, this was a brilliant party with some cracking theming and shows what’s possible with some imaginative thinking. Not pictured are the strolling acts we also provided in the evening: Andrei the Magician and our Silhouette Artist. Yes, this was one hell of a corporate event with some great food from Leiths to boot. Roll on next year!




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By Henry Fosdike