In Pictures: Frobacks, Flora & Fauna and More @ Hurley House Hotel

July 03, 2018

It’s fair to say that the UK is experiencing a heatwave at the moment. The weather rarely decreases below 20C and when it does, there’s a sense of confusion in the air, as though we all expect the weather to continue being outrageously good for the foreseeable future. As we British know deep down though, it won’t last forever and with this in mind it’s best to get your summer party in while the weather is hot, hot, hot! Photos by Charlotte Snowden Photography.

That was certainly what the Hurley House Hotel did when they put together their summer party for a select group of guests. Not only did they arrange this fabulous occasion to be during the day on the weekend so that people of all ages could attend, but they also chose a number of the activities to take place outside. Marvellous!

   When it comes to booking entertainment, it’s always best to have a nice variety of options. The Hurley House Hotel opted for a sprinkling of dance, music, magic and strolling entertainment so there was a lot for everybody to enjoy. Perhaps the stand out act in weather such as this was Flora & Fauna, our meet-and-greet act that brings together stilts and stunning costumes. An excellent choice for catching the eye and welcoming people into the party!

     As ever, it was up to Wandering Hands to bring the atmosphere. A band unlike any other, the combo of sax and guitars provided too tempting to miss and guests were quickly enthralled by being able to select songs jukebox-style for the boys to perform. A summer treat for all! As we marvelled at their efforts, we were quick to spot other forms of entertainment including balloon modelling and magic from Brendan Rodrigues, a magician whom The Magic Circle believe to be one of the finest close-up magicians in the country. Not bad!

      Up on stage, Frobacks performed three times over three hours to huge applause. Their unique blend of modern dance with well-timed comedy proved to be a hit with the crowd and certainly had everybody in the mood to get dancing themselves. Step forward the Andalus Trio to provide some laid back tunes in their classic Rumba-Flamenco Latin sound.

      This was a truly superb event for all with both children and adults alike absolutely loving the entertainment on display. We cannot wait to return to the Hurley House Hotel for many more exciting parties and dinners in the future!



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By Henry Fosdike