In Pictures: Fanfare Trumpeters for #DiorCruise @ Blenheim Palace

June 01, 2016

It’s not often that we receive a request for sixty fanfare trumpeters at once but that’s exactly what we were tasked with finding by Christian Dior for their exclusive #DiorCruise fashion show at Blenheim Palace yesterday. We have to admit that hearing sixty brass instruments at once makes for quite the sound and was an astonishing idea for an introduction to the event. But did the weather hold up?

 The initial plan for this fantastic corporate event was for the fanfare trumpeters to line the entrance, playing as various showbiz guests arrived for what was an incredible exciting event. Those from the fashion world had been hand chosen for an event which blended the old with the new. The historic venue of Blenheim Palace is over 300 years old, but with bloggers on the guest list and the prominent use of the #DiorCruise hashtag the modern delights of social media was in full effect! The show was even broadcast live on Periscope for the great and the good to tune in and marvel at the latest collections from this world renowned fashion house.

With the weather a tad temperamental, we were delighted to be able to rehearse outside as per the original plans. The video above gives some idea of what it would have looked like – rather spectacular, we think you’ll agree! Alas, it was not to be as the British weather reared its ugly head and resulted in a significant downpour at Blenheim. Undeterred, our musicians had a backup plan that was thankfully just as spectacular and would still wow guests as they arrived.

As each car arrived, a new tune was played from the trumpeters’ vast repertoire; even the theme tune to Star Wars received an airing! The fanfare was a truly beautiful sight to behold with gorgeous costuming – the flags that hung from a number of the musical instruments were embossed with a specially designed Christian Dior logo for the private event.

 Despite the fact that the occasion succumbed to the perils of the weather, this was still a fabulously creative outdoor product launch that we are extremely honoured to have been associated with. Below are a few more videos from the very special day for your enjoyment.


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By Henry Fosdike