In Pictures: Ember @ Barbican Centre

September 18, 2017

We’ve had some amazing events over the past summer with a fair number of them involving our wonderful all-male string trio, Ember. It seems fitting then that as the seasons move on into autumn, that Ember have bookended our summer with a sensational performance on stage at the Barbican Centre as part of a venue showcase. Fantastic photos courtest of Martin James.

 Dispensing with the streetwear and appearing in tailored suits, Ember looked the part as soon as they walked on stage. And what a stage! Anybody who has been to the theatre at the Barbican will know that its stage is one of the largest in London; when we saw Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Hamlet, the set design was made possible by this almighty area to great effect (less so in Jude Law’s Obsession earlier in the year…)

  Were guests – comprised of event professionals and those looking to perhaps book the venue space later in the year – going to be lucky enough to receive a Cumberbatch-esque theatrical experience or one more akin to Jude Law’s noble failure. Well… It was never in doubt. Those who have seen Ember perform at The IvyThe Royal Academy of Arts or The Postal Museum will know that this string trio knock it out the park every single time and the same was true once again.

  Despite having to fill the gargantuan space by themselves, their musical ability and charisma covered the stage as they played a fun set that included the latest hits from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sia and Justin Bieber. Even if you can’t place the artist, Ember’s tunes are all familiar from radio play and guests were seen to be humming along to each and every track, with the lighting only serving to accentuate their efforts.

This was a magical gig and we like to think that it won’t be the first and last time that Ember will grace a stage as large as this. They deserve to play to some of the biggest venues in London and if this event at the Barbican is anything to by, they’ll impress once again.

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By Henry Fosdike