In Pictures: East Wintergarden Indian Show

January 04, 2016

Welcome to the first blog of 2016! Yes, you’re perhaps bringing down the decorations and almost certainly vowing a drink-free January. But to get you straight back into the events world, we’ve put together a blog on an event that occurred last month at East Wintergarden, a fabulous venue in the heart of Canary Wharf in London. So whilst you’re scanning through your Christmassy photos on Facebook, here are a few more photos to enjoy when the anticipation of Christmas and New Year was just a glint in your mind’s eye…

Guests were welcomed into the East Wintergarden by a couple of stunning hostesses whom greeted attendees whilst standing in front of a Bollywood sign. There’s nothing quite as famous in Indian entertainment as their Bollywood film industry, so to put together a party based on the dancing and music contained in Bollywood films was an utter delight!

   The Bollywood themed party got off to a subdued start with a little background music from Mehboob on sitar. A world famous sitarist (no, not guitarist), Mehboob and his assistant wowed the crowd with a few classic Indian numbers from the stage. Guests at this corporate party were invited to get into the swing of things by not just sampling some of the wonderful canapes and drinks but by also getting themselves ‘inked’ with a brilliant Henna tattoo or by taking photos at the endlessly creative Tuk-tuk photobooth!

    Now you might be thinking, “But wait, where’s all the dancing?” and if so you are about to have your dreams fulfilled for this is where the night got crazy! First up off stage – yes, they danced in the centre of the floor – were some Bhangra dancers, who wowed with their Indian moves and took us right back to Slumdog Millionaire! The glamour, the beats, the occasion—It was a perfect Indian party and there was an even a little audience participation for those who were willing!

 Anything the men can do, women can do better! Some Bollywood dancers replaced the Bhangra troupe to show off some moves of their own and yet again, the crowd were silenced by their beauty and graceful dance steps. Utilising the stage, these fabulous Indian dancers in traditional dress then welcomed a solo performance on stage to huge cheers! But how best to learn these Indian dances? Well if only those desperate to get involved earlier had waited for…

   Yes, a dance workshop had been arranged! Taking the form of a dance-off (one side of the room vs. the other), swathes of guests got involved with the proceedings, instantly being transported back to their formative years where they’d no doubt wow their friends at the school disco. That was then and this is now! Bhangra, Bollywood… However you want to put it, this was dancing on another level from both the professionals and the amateur party guests. A fantastic way to break the ice with people you don’t know!

     Of course, all good parties must come to an end and as a special treat, we’d laid on some more Bhangra dancing to entertain the crowd but this Bollywood event would be nothing without a little Dhol drumming action to truly drum up a beat! Dhol drummers combined with Bhangra makes for an incredible way to end an event and when all was said and done, this was a corporate event to remember.

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By Henry Fosdike