In Pictures: Collabro, Stellini, Fuze and FTF @ Old Billingsgate

November 02, 2015

What better way to kick off the week than with a look back at our event from last Thursday, where no less than four of our brilliant music acts performed! Turning Old Billingsgate into a party venue for the evening, Stellini, Fuze, Collabro and Flood The Floor united to deliver incredible music both before and after a wonderful Chairman's dinner that both young and old clearly enjoyed!

   The evening kicked off with our electric string quartet Stellini performing a number of tracks in their classic style. Electrical versions of 'classic' orchestral instruments are really something that have to be experienced in person because they bring so much vitality to pieces you've heard time and again. It really was a superb way to kick off the event.

     As guests sat down to a delicious dinner, they were serenaded by a ten piece version of Fuze, playing entirely acoustically. What better way to enjoy an evening that by listening to classical music whilst you eat? Well, there is perhaps one way...

    Yes, Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro performed a sensational set between courses and went down an absolute storm (as can be expected!) These five young men absolutely wowed the room with their vocal arrangements and it was clear for all to see just why Simon Cowell and the other judges found them so captivating. An astonishing performance.

      As guests were sipping coffee and remarking on the gorgeousness of the dessert, it was time for FTF to bring the party home. And bring the party home, they did - and in some style too! Appealing to children as well as adults, they allowed this private event to go out with a bang, performing hit after hit after hit! If you need a function band for events, then FTF are the perfect choice; incredible singers, immaculately dressed and with a whole heap of charisma to boot. Everyone was dancing long into the night!

  Everyone at Old Billingsgate had a wonderful time and we can't wait to be back with another event soon. If you're looking for an awesome function band in London or elsewhere for your event then feel free to check out our music page and get in contact using the links below. 




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By Henry Fosdike