In Pictures: Collabro, Ember & More @ The Ivy

April 27, 2017

We love The Ivy. Last year, we decided to hold a showcase within their hallowed walls and attracted a talented list of individuals that included Le Gateau Chocolat, Johnny Woo, Britain’s Got Talent’s Jamie Raven and the wonderful Joe Stilgoe! In fact, we loved the experience so much that we decided to do it again just a few days ago. It really was a fabulous night as the photos from top photographer Kit Oates show!

Upon arrival, guests were treated to the brand new strolling style of The Lips. Previously only a stage act, these four funky females flawed the crowd with their combination of a cappella vocals and beatboxing skills. Naturally their abilities had guests desperate to learn more and they could, receiving a crash course in how to purse their lips to create a drum effect. A fab act and one that provides just the right amount of interaction to work at numerous corporate events.

 After a small amount of networking, guests were invited to take their seats by Pete, a funny and engaging presenter who is also a highly impressive magician (more on that later). First to the stage were everyone’s favourite YouTube sensations Ember, who ran us through a set which included top pop tracks by the likes of Sia and Ed Sheeran. In short, spectacular!

Following closely behind was Pete (told you we'd return to him!), happy to share numerous card tricks that had the audience suitably dumbfounded. “How did you do that?” was the expression that was left on each and every person in the room. How indeed? We didn’t have time to find out for next up were Beatvox, delivering an accomplished and extraordinary set of beats and tunes delivered entirely through their vocal chords. No other instruments needed! Rounding out the opening half of the evening was the astonishing beauty of Chrys’ burlesque performance. Not for the first time, nobody in the room could avert their eyes!

   At most events, the entertainment stops at the break. Not at the Sternberg Clarke showcase! Somehow – and we have no idea how we managed it – we convinced the talented trio of Ember to return for 25 minutes and play a strolling set. Comprising of two cellos and a violin, that’s no mean feat and the crowd absolutely lapped it up. A truly amazing experience for all who were lucky enough to enjoy the music from just a few feet away.

Having stretched their legs, it was time for the audience to sit down once again and Pete returned to the stage to set us up for the next acts. Kicking off the second half was an act that needed no introduction, primarily because they’d wowed everybody who arrived an hour or two earlier! Yes, The Lips delivered a sample of their stage set and were met with a roar of applause.

   Moving into the final section of the evening, we welcomed a circus act to The Ivy! At our last showcase, we had Ulrike juggle with her feet and whilst she was impressing at the Manchester showcase for our sister company Trevor George, we had the fabulous Claudia, who manoeuvred herself into many apparently impossible positions. Contortionists really do provide excellent photo opportunities at your events and so it proved with everybody on their phones! They had no reason to put them away either, for the awesome foursome Collabro were next up! Yes, that Collabro, the winners of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014! Delivering a powerful collection of songs throughout their set, we had no idea what could follow them… But as befits Adam Sternberg’s idea that clients should “dare to be different”, we welcomed a rapper to the stage.

   Chris Turner is a rising star of the comedy circuit and combines improvisation with wry observations on the modern day. Perhaps his most well know party piece however, is his ability to take words and suggestions at random from an audience and formulate them into a hysterically funny rap song. Yes, if Eminem were English and middle class, this is the man he would be. Needless to say, it went down a storm and as guests departed with smiles on their faces, we definitely heard a few people describing it as the ‘event of the year’. Who are we to argue?

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By Henry Fosdike