In Pictures: Cirque Show @ Church House, London

April 23, 2018

The events that feature a wealth of entertainment are naturally our favourite ones to cover; where the client has been so enamoured by our offerings that they decide to theme the evening around our performers for maximum effect! This was the case at our Cirque du Soleil inspired event last week for Visit Britain. As the photos show, delegates attending the evening definitely had a wonderful time!

Church House is a fantastic central London location for any event and yet, as far as we can recall, we haven’t housed an event there in at least the last three years since I have been writing these blogs (or at least, nothing ‘blog-worthy’). A splendid building just a stone’s throw from Westminster Abbey, it was actually used as The Chamber of the House of Commons a number of times in 1940, 1941 and 1944 during World War II.

Interestingly, the area where guests enjoyed a drinks reception was the very room in which the MPs would have debated, now an excellent space for events. Rather than just one or two pieces of entertainment on hand, we provided guests with nothing less than five different acts to entertain and delight, across genres including music, comedy and of course, circus.

  With two small black plinths erected in the centre of the room, we were overjoyed to feature both Obie and Valerie. Obie is a multi-skilled Superhooper, famed for her ability to spin a multitude of hoops at once! From spinning them around her arms to her legs to her waist – all at the same time – this event acted as a truly spectacular showcase of her talents and perhaps gave a hint as to what more of the evening might hold!

  Only a few metres away on the opposite plinth, Valerie impressed with an ambient circus show that highlighted a number of the feats of which she is capable (normally seen in her individual act, Sphere Contortion). Utilising props including a ribbon and hoop, she also impressed the crowd with her acrobatic and contortion ability, performing handstands and other such circus moves that would undoubtedly send us to the hospital were we to attempt them!

    Acrochaps were the next act in attendance and as one might expect, you could see them from all over the room thanks to their ability to climb on one another’s shoulders and exhibit absolutely astonishing feats of strength. As comedic as ever, they were superbly flirtatious with guests both male and female, often cajoling them to get involved. A winning act that everybody is sure to love, we can highly recommend booking Acrochaps for events this summer.

   Is that music that we hear? Indeed it is! The ever popular Wandering Hands played during the drinks reception, allowing those in attendance to peruse their repertoire and pick the next song for them to sing. We managed to film a cracking rendition of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and we have to say that some of the singing from observers was just as good as the real thing!

 The final act on show at the drinks reception were our mysterious and intriguing Venetian greeters. Walking amongst guests and never lowering their masks, it was hard to know what exactly they were for until they led attendees into the grand circular hall for dinner. Dispensing with their costumes, the masquerading folk were in fact extremely talented dancers, who performed a superb dance decked out in British attire from the stage whilst High Jinx juggled and unicycled down on the floor.

    Comedian Paul Eastwood, host for the evening, welcomed everybody to what was a very special Visit Britain event and then we duly departed, safe in the knowledge that Fuse, Ember and Organic Jam would provide more of the entertainment after dinner. A wondrous evening, we truly urge everybody to theme their next event around the entertainment because guests really were having the time of their lives.




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By Henry Fosdike