In Pictures: Circus Entertainment @ Tobacco Dock

October 17, 2017

We love doing themed events and this one was no different, with a numerous circus acts hired to create the most immersive of events at Tobacco Dock. Certain themes lend themselves particularly well to ‘blank canvas’ spaces and this is particularly true of the circus, whether or not you’re wanting to adorn the venue with red and white stripes or simply serve popcorn from roller skates! Our client wanted a number of stationary performances and we were only too happy to help.

Rather than take you through the evening, it’s probably easier to go through each act one by one, highlighting exactly how grand this event really was! In fact there was so much going on that our overseer didn’t quite manage to photograph everything but what we did capture is faithfully shown in the photos below! Welcome to the Circus…

 The first act we have opted to showcase are the stunning and elegant Light Walkers, a trio of ladies who wear a shimmering costume white outfit adorned in LEDs. Sparkling as they perform their act, they are a beautiful addition to any event and were a superb way to introduce guests to this very special occasion!


 What’s a circus without some acrobatics? We were lucky enough to be able to provide a number of wonderfully talented contortionists for this circus themed corporate event with Luna impressing on her hoop and the absolutely astonishing Sphere Contortion, in which the performer amazes the crowd by showing off a number of flexible positions whilst sitting atop a rotating, reflective globe.

  In addition to some rather brilliant music, we were only too happy to provide what was unquestionably the centrepiece of the evening in the form of the Birdcage, a sensational showpiece that had everybody grabbing their phones! A marvellous prop for circus and garden party themed events, the act takes place within a huge adult-size bird cage, which proved particularly popular with attendees!


 In all we had a fantastic time at Tobacco Dock and can’t wait to return later in the year. Other performers that we haven’t been able to share in this blog include Spark!, jugglers, magician Andrei and Fuze! As you can see, it was a tremendous affair and we’ll return later next week with more event photos!