In Pictures: Circus Entertainment @ Corinthia Hotel London

November 18, 2015

Friday night was party night at the Corinthia Hotel London, where we provided the entertainment for a circus party. But what exactly does that constitute? Well read on dear reader in order to find out!

Not only was it a stunning evening filled to the brim with entertainment, but it was also a chance for us to showcase some of our wonderful acts right in the heart of London, close to the River Thames. In fact, as venues go, there can’t be many that are closer.

As the evening began, guests were instantly entertained by Fire Dancers as they arrived at the venue, the heat and flame (which wouldn’t be a bad name for an indie band or movie) delightfully warming the guests as they arrived. On these cold winter nights, it really is exactly the sort of entertainment you’re after!

Once inside, Freight Train were on the decks, ready to welcome attendees with their unique blend of current music hits and chilled out beats. And as if that wasn’t enough, the circus entertainers were just beginning!

  It’s often a difficult task to ensure that an evening of entertainment goes together smoothly at an event. In fact, you could say that it’s a tricky balancing act… Ahem. Yes, superb hoop artist Esther was sat atop the shoulders of incredible unicyclist Sam and together they put on a display to remember for all of the guests, their makeup and costumes only adding to the excitement!

   As guests averted their eyes to the stage, they were met with yet more wonders! Contortionist Sally was busy onstage displaying astonishing acts of hand balance as well as the jaw-dropping effect of condensing herself into a tiny cube! It’s difficult to quite believe that she is human after such astounding feats but real she is and naturally she is available for more bookings if what you see impresses you (and we know it must!) She even explored the crowd to showcase her talents close-up!

  A brilliant event with more than its fair share of quality circus entertainment, this was an evening to remember for all involved and was made extra special by a member of Sternberg Clarke unexpectedly sharing a lift with Who’d have thunk it?

Many thanks to photographer Nick Delaney for providing us with the title photo and photos 5, 6 and 7. 


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By Henry Fosdike