In Pictures: Circus Entertainment at the ICC, Birmingham

March 17, 2016

“Hire circus performers! Circus performers to hire! Get your circus entertainment! Circus entertainment to hire…” So goes our call outside the office in Wandsworth every week or so. Once in a while, it pays off with somebody popping along to hire Acro-chaps, but rarely do they take a whole load of our circus acts and take them off to Birmingham together. However that’s exactly what happened when our corporate client decided on a circus themed event to end their short series of conferences at the ICC. And thankfully for us, Steve Bishop Photography was on hand to capture the best bits!

     As guests arrived for the evening festivities, they were greeted by Light Dancers and Stilt Walkers! As you can see, pretty much everybody who arrived wanted a photo with these fabulous circus entertainers, unaware of just how much amazing event entertainment lay in store for them in the next room. They were even able to learn some skills too!

    The ICC is a superb conference venue but can be a somewhat cavernous space – it’s similar to the ExCeL London in that respect – so in order to mitigate the sheer massiveness of the venue for this corporate event, we arranged for non-stop entertainment from nine until midnight, to be performed a top six bespoke performance podiums dotted about the room. Wherever you turned, you were sure to find a circus entertainer!

    But who were these entertainers? Well, for such a feat to work well, we decided to hire multi-skilled circus performers to astonish the crowds in a variety of routines. In addition to the wonderful Light Dancers and Stilt Walkers, we also had contortion, contact juggling, ribbon dancing, Digi-Poi light jugglers and Superhoopers! Woah. What an incredible amount of entertainment!

     But that’s not all! In addition to all these circus acts, we also unveiled a bit of a surprise for the guests – an aerial silk show at half past ten in the evening, the performer unravelling down from the roof! It was gorgeous and really goes to show how the unexpected really works at a corporate entertainment event. And of course, although they aren’t circus themed, Freight Train were brought in to provide music at the ICC. As far as DJs for hire go, you won’t find any better!

    It was a really great party and we cannot wait to return to Birmingham again soon!

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By Henry Fosdike