In Pictures: Beatvox, Harpist and Marching Band at Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

October 19, 2015

When GEM came to us wanting entertainment at the very centre of their event, we thought we could help. They didn’t just want another run of the mill networking evening, but something special, especially considering many of them were flying in from out of the country to attend. To ensure that the event was as brilliant as possible, we took on full management of the event and the result was something extremely special indeed.

 The guests had spent the day at the Excel Arena as delegates of what was no doubt a superb exhibition. But after hearing people talk to them on various subjects and presumably being on their best behaviour throughout, it was eventually time for them to let their hair down and truly enjoy London in the most entertaining way possible. The brief involved moving the guests from one venue to another with as little time between venues as possible. How can we celebrate London in all its glory? Why, with a couple of double decker London buses of course!

But where did they travel to? Knowledgeable readers of this blog will know that the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is on the opposite side of the Thames to the Excel Arena. Sure, we could have simply had the buses drive over a bridge to get to the private party but where’s the fun in that? No, in keeping with the English theme and attempting to provide the most entertaining party possible, our idea was to put guests onto a clipper boat and have them ferried across the River Thames to Greenwich. Marvellous!

 Who better to greet these guests than a marching band? The music was loud and proud as party attendees dismounted from the boat and walked up the steps into the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, grabbing a drink on their way in. As the buffet began, put together by top caterers Ampersand, Cecilia the harpist played beautifully, which really brought out the traditions of the room.

 As dinner continued, guests were heard to appreciatively murmur about the stunning floral displays from Blubelle Creative and production from Bespoke Productions. More music soon followed; Beatvox brought the house down with their harmonies and beatboxing combination whilst Bea sang a wonderful set.

 All in all it was a sumptuous evening and one that Sternberg Clarke are justly proud of. Although not event managers, we gave this one a go as per the client’s request and brought the house down with a fabulous evening of entertainment.

Photos courtesy of Eleaner Risdale and Blubelle Creative.



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By Henry Fosdike