In Pictures: Beatvox @ the Business Moneyfacts Awards, Lancaster London Hotel

March 22, 2016

It seems there has been no end to events for Beatvox in the past few weeks. The talented quintet have been booked for an assortment of exciting parties and dinners – the most recent one having been at Warwick Castle – but this time, they were doing something slightly different!

 Beatvox are no stranger to awards shows. They won Beat the Brief in 2014 with a storming live show that wowed the audience and have been a regular staple on the awards scene since then, often performing as an interval act, including the Quality Food Awards just a few months ago. Their unique combination of beatbox and a cappella goes down brilliantly from private parties to corporate events and really have to be seen to be believed.

  Thankfully for our client, they had indeed seen Beatvox before and duly hired them to perform at the Business Moneyfacts Awards. Not only were they treated to a stellar 15 minute performance which included the likes of a James Bond medley and solo beatboxing masterclass, but guests also got to enjoy various awards stings as the winners took to the stage.

  For those unfamiliar with an awards sting, it’s a very short musical tune that plays as award winners take to the stage. At the Oscars, they have a live orchestra. At most awards shows, they have Spotify plugged into the sound system. At ones where Sternberg Clarke are involved, the awards ceremonies involve Beatvox or The Lips or Wandering Hands or any of our fab music acts. It creates an entertaining experience that many haven’t seen before and adds to the idea of the evening being a celebration and, let’s, be honest, a party! Everyone can relax and enjoy the occasion!

  This was certainly the case with the awards show at the London Lancaster Hotel and we’re thrilled to say that the feedback was superb:

“We first met Beatvox for a summer awards event where they were a surprise pre-event show which we hadn’t announced to the guests. At first I thought the audience weren’t into the act, but then I realised they were silent because they were sat there with their mouths open, transfixed!  The feedback we got was phenomenal and since then we have rebooked the boys for several more events, the most recent of which saw a rather rowdy audience of 640 brought to attention (which almost never happens). Beatvox are professional, diligent, oh-so-impressive and I recommend them all the time!”Moneyfacts Group PLC


 Pictures speak louder than words but that certainly sounds like a satisfied client to us! If you’re interested in awards show stings or event entertainment of any kind, then feel free to explore the site and get in touch using the contact details below. Many thanks to our client for sharing the photos with us!

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By Henry Fosdike