In Pictures: Beat the Brief - Heat 2 @ Guanabara London

June 17, 2015

After the first heat at Cafe de Paris, which saw Beato Burrito beat off stern competition from Zero Central to power through to the final, we welcomed another great selection of acts to Guanabara in London’s Covent Garden for what would prove to be a wonderful night’s entertainment.

Read on to find out the result!

 Adam Sternberg welcomed the great and the good from the events industry to encourage more thoughtful entertainment and highlighting Beat the Brief as an event which can help you to use entertainment in a different way and ensure that your event goes down as a complete success.

 Our host Leanne then took to the stage to explain the brief to the audience – our acts had been tasked with promoting a hexagonal Brazilian biscuit that combined the flavours of lime, chocolate and coconut, a combination that conjures up a ‘Mouthful of Surprise’. Ooh! With the rules out of the way, it was then time to welcome the first act, 2 Minds Combined. A completely unique entity on the entertainment circuit, various familiar animals and celebrities were created using hand shadows with a glimpse of the Brazilian theme interspersed amongst the usual routine. It was mesmerising and impressive but the judges agreed that more references to South America wouldn’t have gone a miss.

 Next up was a singer whose performance was sadly plagued with technical problems. But no matter for she was actually one sixth of Club Mob, a flash mob dance troupe. The sound man got involved and much to the audience’s surprise, Leanne was also a plant from the start. Amazing!

 As three more members of the audience jumped into the middle of the venue to perform, it was clear that this dance act was high in energy, if not totally managing to shoehorn the biscuit into their performance (though they did shout out the brand name on occasion). Tremendously enjoyable, the judges certainly enjoyed the (mouthful of?) surprise.

 With new host Barnaby introduced, String Fever were next up to entertain the crowd, playing a medley of Brazilian and British tunes before rattling off an impressive run through of music through the ages in just five minutes. A wonderfully irreverent act that went down a storm in the room, String Fever were criticised for perhaps shoehorning in their usual material, but nevertheless played their instruments extremely impressively. Francesca was then welcomed to the stage, showcasing her strong vocals and belting out a couple of Latin tunes to great success.

 The fifth act of the evening, The Spitfire Sisters, are a close harmony trio who tremendously impressed with the new lyrics that they had provided for classic Brazilian tunes. The undoubted highlight of their three song set was Frank Sinatra’s The Coffee Song transformed for just one night only into The Biscuit Song. We must admit that we were highly enamoured by the imagery of ‘they put biscuits on the biscuits in Brazil.’

 Bringing the performances to an end was something completely different, contortionist Orissa Kelly who impressively emerged from a tiny box biscuit in hand and proceeded to pull off some amazing feats of the human body with the very same biscuit sandwiched between her toes! Crowning her circus act by firing a bow and arrow with her feet (no, really! See the pictures below) it was a hugely enjoyable routine.

 After the judges deliberated, they decided that it would be String Fever and The Spitfire Sisters who deserved to go through to the final, whereupon it was up to the event’s audience to deduce who should be the winner by voting once again with their feet. The clear winner this time round was The Spitfire Sisters, who go through to the final at Event 360 next week to take on the comedic Mariachi band, Beato Burrito.

 When all was said and done, it was a wonderful evening of entertainment and it was clear that Adam Sternberg’s words had been taken to heart. All of the acts had shown just how versatile they could be in performing to a set brief and here’s to many more incredible events for the rest of the year!



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By Henry Fosdike