In Pictures: Banqueting House Street Party Featuring Elle & the Pocket Belles, Acrochaps, Sphere Contortion and more!

November 17, 2015

After weeks of promotion, the Banqueting House Street Party showcase finally arrived at the venue last week with a whole host of wonderful suppliers and stunning entertainment in tow. It really was as good as promised and thankfully, these phenomenal photos from Holly Clark Photography superbly captured the atmosphere at the event. Read on for more stunning photos and event inspiration. Yes, this is how you hold a party!

   Before any of the guests had arrived, Banqueting House was transformed from a gorgeous events space into a street party to end all street parties. Utilising the popular British party theme, Historical Royal Palaces (those in charge of the venue…you may also bump into their team at Hampton Court or Kensington Palace!) had beautifully morphed their events space into an area fit for a King! Or Queen. Or indeed, any members of the Royal Family.

 White Light Events had been incredibly busy, creating projections on the walls that would change with each passing decade—What’s that? Oh you didn’t know? Yes, the special thing about this British street party was that every half an hour, we’d move into a different decade! Starting with the fifties and ending with the noughties (as we all think they were called), the lighting (and the entertainment but more on that in the rest of the blog) would change to better reflect each era. So it would be out with the afros and questionable fashion of the seventies and in with the Rubiks cube colours of the eighties. All bouncing around within the makeshift ‘windows’. A truly impressive affair indeed.

Added to this, you may have already noticed the floral displays from Lavender Green? Quite hard to miss considering their beauty, eh? But when working in tandem with the furniture provided by Velvet Living… Well, now we’re truly talking!

 Of course the centrepiece of the room was taken up by the buffet table, a smorgasbord of treats amidst more flowers, plants and various celebs from popular culture including the Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn and yes, even Adam Ant whose visage presided over the Scotch Eggs. Each and every item of food was (take it from us) extremely tasty and the many happy faces seen in the photos are in no small part down to the various beverages and canapés provided by The Recipe, which when devoured alongside the performances from our entertainers created something extremely special.

 Goodness me, this will be a long blog won’t it? But then, six decades is a rather long time and the whole idea of #BHStreetParty and #6decades1evening (hashtags for the event) was to celebrate this great nation. And who better to play us in than the marvellous Elle & the Pocket Belles? We think you’ll agree that they looked right at home in front of the coat of arms and it was the only way this party could have begun. Throw in the Acrochaps in their most ‘British gent’ form and you have yourself enough entertainment to sweep you off your feet within thirty minutes! But there was more to come…

   No sooner had the fifties begun than the sixties were swinging into view. Quite literally as it happened; three sixties cozzie girls appeared in full on brightly-coloured neon outfits, twirling and twizzling to the music provided. And what music it was! Yes, everyone’s favourite strolling trio, Wandering Hands, had ignored the stage and brought the entertainment to you (well, to those who were there anyway), playing a variety of hits to the jovial party going crowd.

  You might have noticed a few pieces of intriguing headwear in the background of some of these photos and you’re probably, “Hey, what’s up with that?” Well wonder no more dear reader. As any event professional will tell you, any London event worth their salt will invite along a photobooth to provide memories of the evening to their guests. It’s an extremely popular act and one that we knew we just had to include upon hearing the brief. In conjunction with Lavender Green (and Banqueting House), we created this rather fun novelty idea which brought to mind… Well, perhaps Ancient Greece rather than Britain. But those smiles? All British! Indeed, many found time to quickly tweet the hashtag to show what a brilliant time they were having.

     As the seventies reared their head, it was becoming clear that attendees had no idea what to expect next. What was that mysterious cloaked object on stage? Who were those afro-wearing gentlemen? The answer to the latter question was of course the Acrochaps, returning once again to showcase their muscles, this having swapped suits for flares and the most awful of shirts. Incredible (though I must stress that other people were watching them rather than just myself despite what the photo may show.) Thankfully, the fashion police were nowhere near the venue. But that item on stage? We’ll let the photos do the talking.

   Yes, circus act Sphere Contortion performed for a stunned crowd, fresh from appearing in Hello! India. For those that might not be able to tell with these stills, the act revolves (ha) around a contortionist putting on an acrobatic balancing display aboard a glitter ball that slowly rotates. You’ll be impressed, you’ll gasp and then you’ll just have to take a photo. After pondering whether any of us could do what Sphere Contortion does, we quickly buried the self doubt under another canape. Since they were there, it would have been rude not to… Right?

 We’re well aware this is the longest blog we’ve ever done but such an event really does require such a long essay. As well all munched our way through yet another cheeky dessert, the Acrochaps returned for the final time to welcome in the eighties. There was something 'rather Harry Enfield' about their look on this occasion, shellsuits and all. Before someone even had time to mutter the word “scouser”, regular guests were joining in the Acrochaps fun, ably standing in for an impressive handstand.

  Throughout the night, Acrochaps really did wow with both their acrobatic displays and their fashion tastes as this collage shows. In fact, one could argue that as the drinking continued, their dress sense got noticeably worse… But maybe that’s just us?


  The Marsh Trio welcomed in the early nineties, sporting an Oasis-style experience that so wowed the crowd, it just had to be captured on phone. If only they’d known we’d produce this blog for them, eh? As their set came to an end, the new millennium was recognised with probably the best costumes of the night

  There’s nothing that says you’re from Britain quite like this phenomenal get-up, though Geri Halliwell’s famous dress certainly does rival it. (But we think ours are better). After a dancing display that even Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman would be proud of, Wandering Hands returned to bring the night to an amiable and emphatic close.

  As the entertainment departed and the Banqueting House team congratulated themselves on a job well done (with our very own Adam Sternberg looking wistfully on in a ‘windswept and interesting’ style), we reasoned it was probably time to call it a night after sweeping through six marvellous decades in just three hours. Phew! Time for bed. What a reminder of what makes Britain so Great.

 …Okay maybe just one last canapé for the road.

If you liked anything in these photos from the venue and production right through to the furniture, flowers and food then be sure to contact the company responsible. Everybody involved did a superb job and for any information on the entertainment be sure to get in touch using the contact details below. 



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By Henry Fosdike