In Pictures: Alice in Wonderland Party @ National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

October 23, 2017

Come with us and take a look through the looking glass – well, your computer screen – to see our Alice in Wonderland themed event at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich! Featuring incredible props, costumed characters and a menu inspired by Lewis Carrol’s famous book, this is a photo blog that you will not want to miss.

  The evening began by taking in the beauty of the venue! Greenwich is a sumptuous part of London and the National Maritime Museum is a superb choice of events space. The theming of the event meant that there were special additions to spot around the grounds whilst inside, the world of Alice in Wonderland sprung to life with stacked teacups, too many hats to count and an awful lot of drinking spaces with labels stating, “Drink me.” Don’t mind if we do!


  An Alice in Wonderland party might be improved with props but it’s honestly nothing without some costumed characters. If you decide to go full Lewis Carrol then there’s no point in just booking somebody to feature as Alice. Our client rightfully wanted more than just Alice and we were more than happy to help with the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit and even a few playing cards thrown into the mix. More on those cards later; you might just recognise them!


   With the costumed characters urged to interact with each other as well as guests, there was a lot to enjoy. Alice and the Queen were happy to pose for photos but would often fall out eventually as the White Rabbit looked on. Our amazing circus performer Lucas was in top form as the Mad Hatter, pulling off amazing feats as he strolled around the party, not only juggling some blocks but also  unicycling on the stairs. Incredible!


    That wasn’t all for the entertainment either, oh no. The floors of the National Maritime Museum certainly contributed to the Wonderland feel; the chequered tiles enhancing the photos of the dinner considerably. How to impress guests as they ate? By providing themed starters, mains and dessert as the photo below shows. How else to impress guests as they ate? Having Wandering Hands on hand (sorry) to provide some much loved acoustic entertainment.



     We really can’t put into words just how much we loved putting together this Alice in Wonderland themed party and the ideas came together wonderfully to create something that nobody who was there will forget in a hurry.

  If you thought the photos looked good in the day, just check out our final photo of the venue at night! It’s goodbye from us and goodbye from the Cheshire Cat…. We honestly cannot wait for our next Alice event!




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By Henry Fosdike