In Pictures: Aerial Hoop Performers at Sotheby's

March 06, 2015

Let’s be honest, we all love skeletons. Okay, we may not love them in the traditional sense of the word but they certainly create a sense of wonder and whether or not you’re drawn to skulls and other gothic fashion styles, we can all appreciate the sense of uneasiness upon being greeted by a walking skeleton.

Sotheby’s wanted to celebrate the launch of their Bear Witness exhibition, ‘an extraordinary collection of contemporary art and curious artefacts’. In layman’s terms, this is a collection of bears and skulls, so we provided something that perfectly fit the theme.

  Our makeup artists quickly got to work on our two aerial hoop performers, turning them from skin-covered humans to skeletal fearmongers! A picture speaks a thousand words and how better to show off our artists' skills than to let the photos do the talking!

    With the performers ready to go, there was nothing for it but to climb onto the hoop and to get performing. With a twist here and flourish there, guests were entanced by the aerial feats, set amongst the gorgeous Sotheby’s surrounding. They literally bore witness! (Get it? Because ‘Bear Witness’ is the name of the-- Never mind.)

   The costumes that the aerial hoop performers wore were custom-made for the event. These bespoke outfits are now part of our costume wardrobe and can be rented out for your special event! Of course, we also like to accommodate any requests so if you like the look of these costumes but want something slightly different then feel free to get in touch.

    The performance lasted for around two hours, with fifteen minute bursts from each artist. But really, the images sum up the brilliance of their efforts as they hung from the ceiling at Sotheby's and made their presence known!

  By the end of the evening, all the guests had enjoyed a wonderful Sotheby’s event... But perhaps something more sinister was at play as this photo shows...

 ...but then again, maybe it’s just a trick of the light (we hope). A great event, Sotheby’s Bear Witness exhibition starts next week and we were very happy to have bore witness to it. Yes, we tried the joke again. Sorry.


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By Henry Fosdike