In Pictures: A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Underglobe, Globe Theatre

October 13, 2015

A seated dinner for 80 people. Where on earth could you hold that? Of course, you could head to a restaurant and eat some food that you’d all be expecting, but although it may be very nice, it’s not a patch on heading to the Underglobe is it?

 corporate event at the Globe Theatre is always a wonderful affair, not least because the venue is located on the heart of the Southbank in London and is an area rich with history, best known for staging the astounding works of William Shakespeare hundreds of years ago! Using the sumptuous woodland vibe of the Underglobe, we were tasked with creating a magical Midsummer Night’s Dream-inspired evening.

  The atmosphere and theme came to bear in the form of two incredible bouncy stilted forest fauns, characters made up in stunning costumes with pro jumping stilts (or boots) on their feet. A sight to behold, certainly! They were joined by two ballerina fairies to meet guests, before the latter pairing danced and engaged with guests later on.

 To add to the experience, a magician and glow ball juggler were transformed as well, this time dressing as the somewhat-underwhelming-sounding-but-also-just-as-good ‘forest characters’. Following on from this, a magical aerial hoop performance from a wonderful circus performer! Can the evening get any better?

 This may sound incredible but yes. For our final act of the night, we presented top band the Smooth Sailors to build up the party atmosphere before drawing the evening to a musical close. An enchanting and immersive evening, it was a pleasure to visit such a popular venue and once again create an experience that no guest will be able to forget in a hurry!




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By Henry Fosdike