In Pictures: A Harry Potter Themed Event At St Pancras Hotel

August 08, 2014

For a Harry Potter themed event at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel, we were more excited than if it were our eleventh birthday to come up with some entertainment ideas to recapture the magical feel of the movies and books.

We called upon a school of snowy and barn owls – with professional handlers – and a magician to wander the halls and teach the faux Dumbledores and Snapes how the tricks are really done.

Read on to see some pictures from the spellbinding event that took place just seconds away from Platform 9 ¾.

Pictures by Antonia Sansica | website

Yes, our magician was more than happy to pull off some magic tricks with what he called 'muggle money'.  Pictured above you can just see the point of where a guest realised their watch had disappeared right before her eyes.

No this little guy is not the real Hedwig, but neither is the guy in the curly wig Snape, so it kind of evens out. What matters though is that everyone thoroughly enjoyed getting up close and personal with these elusive owls.


Taken from this angle, this picture gave off an ethereal effect that really helped to encompass the theming of the event -- the picture on the left especially.

 And of course, what would a Harry Potter themed event be without someone dressed up as the man himself, Magneto Dumbledore.

Pictures by Antonia Sansica | website

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By Stephen Warr