In Pictures: 40th Birthday Party at Aynhoe Park

March 02, 2015

Sometimes we get events that knock our socks off with their ambition and we are only too happy to accommodate such requests. When we were approached to provide entertainment for a 40th birthday party at Aynhoe Park in Banbury, we put together a fantastic roster across two nights, all arranged to ensure that guests never knew quite what was coming next.

Sit back and scroll as we take you through a gorgeous selection of photos from the weekend, courtesy of top photographer Theresa Furey. You won’t want to miss these.

 Just sixty minutes from London, Aynhoe Park offers a luxurious private home and embodies pure British eccentricity from top to toe. With the venue booked and providing a very strong and clear identity in terms of its look, it was up to us to work out which form of entertainment fitted the brief. For Friday night, guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner and the comic delights of Russell Kane. Alas, no photos of the funny man in action but he went down an absolute storm and performed a lot longer than initially planned. Thanks, Russell!

 When you hire Aynhoe Park, it essentially becomes your home. You can do as you please and there are fantastic events staff on hand to cater to your needs. It really is an incredible place. Not wanting to take away from the aesthetic, we opted to provide acts that could be immersive, with no obvious staging required. Saturday night was the big party day and guests could move freely from room to room, never knowing what they were about to encounter. With no announcements necessary, the evening flowed beautifully and it was a fantastic idea to enhance the event.

The pop-up nature of the evening began with our superb pianist Jonathan, who performed on the vintage piano amongst the stuffed lions, zebras and crocodiles as partygoers took in the experience; drinking their cocktails, sampling the canapés on display and marvelling at the Aynhoe Park experience and quirky nature of the event!

Brothers of Eden immersed themselves amongst the guests, performing incredible acts of acrobalance without warning, surprising the people around them with their impressive feats of poise and strength.

Our first ‘show’ performance of the evening was Alleviate, a contemporary dance duo. Wanting to reflect the relaxed mood of the event, they performed a superb and very romantic interpretive dance before later delivering a more up tempo and dynamic offering, again proving that a big stage and lights are not always needed to wow your attendees.

The inclusive, intimate feeling allowed guests to feel that the entertainment was interwoven perfectly with the vibe of the venue and their hosts.

In a different area of Aynhoe Park, Beatvox then followed. A capella singing combined with a beatboxer, Beatvox more than delivered and really got the party started. Guests were whooping and cheering throughout, even calling out for an encore, which was duly respected!

And for a finale, what better act than the illuminating lights of the Halo Glow Show? Performing in the orangery with the audience surrounding them, they managed to create a club-inspired atmosphere that was perfect to lead into the DJ sets of Sam Young, who played across two different zones – his first set was commercial pop and dance floor fillers, before moving onto deep house music until 4am!

When all was said and done, this was a party that no attendee would forget. We planned, arranged and devised the entire weekend collectively with the talent involved and it really shows in the photos just what a great time was had by all.

 Right then, now to check if our client wants to celebrate their 41st in quite the same manner...

Thank-you once again to Theresa Furey for her photos. You can find her website here and find her on Twitter here

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By Henry Fosdike