"Imagine the Event" Adam Sternberg on the London Events Planner Blog

April 05, 2011


Imagine the Event" is something we've all heard Adam say since working for London's leading supplier of Entertainment; it's normally followed by something like "Also, imagine you're a competent employee" and "I curse the day I met you." He's a real motivator.

In these situations, what he's usually trying to get across is the skill of visualising the event and getting a better understanding of what your goals are with the entertainment.

That's the subject of Adam's guest blog at The Westminster Collection's London Event Planner Blog.

Rather than imagining everything that can possibly go wrong, the blog focusses on the best case scenarios with a few examples of our most successful recent events.

If that leaves you hankering for more thrilling writing on the importance of corporate Entertainment - you may want to check out Adam's blog at Event Magazine where he's recently written about people's favourite entertainment memories and how they can shape our understanding of corporate events.

There are some other great posts up on the London Event Planner on subjects as diverse as Choosing the Right Music For Events and Thinking Outside the Box For Teambuilding Events along with a host of other great posts.