Illuminating Entertainment: Top 5 Light Based Acts for Dark Spaces

October 09, 2013

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, our corporate events tend to get darker along with them. Gone are the nights spent out on terraces with steel bands and barbeques and in their place, evenings huddled round an electric radiator discussing financial projections for the coming quarter. As winter closes in, it’s good to bring some light into your event entertainment – that’s why the Pagans invented Christmas or something.

So kind, gentle and helpful entertainment types that we are here at Sternberg Clarke, today we’re offering up our Top 5 Light Based Acts for Dark Nights – read on for more.

 Spark!  LED Drummers

Drum troupes are brilliant for kicking off events with style and we’ve had everything from Samba Drummers to Military Marching Bands on hand to welcome guests into past events. The mysterious figures in LED Drum outfit Spark! are an altogether different, but no less entertaining proposition though; offering an arresting, theatrical audio-visual show that’s especially effective in darkened spaces.

The Spheres

Finally answering the question “What would a Heliosphere’s children look like?” these luminous orbs are positioned on bendy poles and are revealed to house a collection of ethereal, glowing characters. This imaginative and unusual show works brilliantly as a spectacular visual centrepiece to large scale events or as part of a broader theme.

 Laser Harp

Much like the LED Drummers, this act mixes sound with visuals to create something truly unique, but unlike the drummers – the lights aren’t just there for show. By breaking the beams on the laser harp, the performer can create different tones – appearing to pluck beams of light. While the non-laser harp is so often used as a background instrument at events, the laser harp takes centre stage for a show that’s unusual, futuristic and dazzlingly clever.

 Feeding the Fish

A long standing Sternberg Clarke favourite in the ‘things that glow’ category, Feeding the Fish have wowed guests at countless corporate events thanks to their state of the art Pixel Poi technology. The programmable batons the dancers use for their show mean that the act is endlessly adaptable (incorporating logos, colour schemes and more) and can feature any number of performers.

 Flame Oz

You can talk about LED this and pixel that all you like but when it comes to “burny bright things” there’s still nothing to top actual fire. Pyrotechnics troupe Flame Oz understand this better than anyone and have been creating breath-taking, mesmerising and beautiful stage shows at corporate events for years earning glowing (heh) reviews from everyone who sees them.

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By Garreth Owen