Top 5: Ice Breaking Entertainment Tips

April 10, 2013

Wonderful as the world of events is, it’s not always fun to be faced with a room full of people you either don’t know that well or don’t know at all. In these situations, a good event planner is always able to create a reason for people to start talking and entertainment can be a great way of facilitating that. The right act, deployed at the right time can make all the difference at a corporate event.

But how? How? How do you do it? It’s at times like these you wish you could pop on to the blog of London’s leading supplier of entertainment for events and find some handy list feature like Top 5 Ice Breaking Entertainment Ideas just sitting there, waiting to be read...

 Make it about the Guests

While some performers are there to draw attention, others are great at spreading it around. Magicians and Mind Readers in particular are brilliant for gathering a crowd of people, asking questions and incorporating little facts about guests into their acts. By the time they’ve done a few tricks, they’re off and guests are hopefully left discussing what they’ve just seen. It’s not just strolling acts either, a stage act like Comedy Clairvoyant Ian D. Montfort uses pieces of info from his audience as the backbone of his show – effectively introducing a room full of people to each other.

 Provide Talking Points

This one sounds obvious, but it’s worth stating anyway. Give guests something unexpected or surprising and you’ll open up the possibilities for conversation. That could be something intentionally unusual like Le Gateau Chocolat or Living Topiary or something more subtly quirky like The Watling Street Band or recent auditionees Hassall Jazz who perform instrumental Jazz covers of recognisable tunes. Though it’s true that plenty of acts serve this function, it’s always good to show guests something they haven’t seen before.

 Give Guests a Task

As we covered in our blog on Teambuilding Ideas, giving guests an activity to complete either as a group or in small teams is a great way to, y’know, build teams. But the principle also applies to breaking the ice – giving people something to do gets them interacting with not only the event, but each other. That being said, teambuilding activities tend to be a bit more involved than ice breaking ones. Things like quick quizzes or challenges work brilliantly, particularly something like Beat The Expert where guests are challenged to match the feats of record breakers in particular fields.

 Let them Play

This point fits in nicely with the last one; giving people a chance to play with some gadget or toy at an event may seem like a distraction, but as Plato said “Watch a man at play for an hour and you can learn more about him than in talking to him for a year”. While it’s doubtful that Plato was talking about corporate events, there’s some truth to that quote – watch guests play with thing like Nintendo Wii or Kinect Stations or even more extravagant ‘games’ like Segway Jousting and Laser Archery and you’ll see them relax in a way that no amount of free champagne can match.

 Get the Volume Right

Nothing’s more imposing than an eerily quiet room full of strangers so music is always a good way to create atmosphere at an event (I’m sure you needed to come to this blog to learn that) but similarly, too much noise can be off putting as well. While this is something that DJs and Musicians usually judge themselves, it’s generally helpful to pick the right sorts of acts for the right part of the evening. People generally start with background acts moving into something a little more foreground as the night goes on.

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