I Never Pash up a Mash-Up: Kitty La Roar and Nick of Time

April 04, 2011


As bookers of entertainment for events, we're often chasing after the new and shiny - trying to uncover new acts before anyone else and then bragging about whatever it is that we've found. But all this focus on talent hunting can mean that we take some of our best acts for granted. One such act is Kitty La Roar and Nick of Time; Sternberg Clarke stalwarts who's names have been spoken in hushed, reverent tones in the office since most of us arrived - embarrassingly enough however, some of us newer recruits hadn't actually seen Nick and Kitty perform in person - somenthing we finally put right on Thursday night straight after the Silver Lining Party aboard the Silver Sturgeon.

As it turns out, they had some surprises in store for us. Though they're well known as a Rat Pack/Swing covers duo on the corporate and private events circuit, Kitty and Nick have been making a name for themselves with their innovative Mash-Up Cabaret Show. Taking the mash-up/bootleg concept that became popular for DJs a few years ago, the pair take two songs and mix them, sometimes forcing them together against their will, into strange and wonderful creations. From the Contradictory (Eminem's 'My Name Is' mixed with the Ting Ting's 'That's Not My Name') to the unexpected (Mixing Creep and New York New York in the video below) the duo play to howls of laughter and whoops of recognition.


Bursting out from behind a small curtain at the start of each set, Kitty and Nick have a sort of natural, knowingly raunchy chemistry that perfectly suits the underground venue. Their husky inter-song patter gives the whole performance an intimate, chummy feel that works really well with the tightly packed audience and the speak-easy glamour of their stage personas, give you the not entirely unpleasant suspicion that one of them might be hiding a tommy-gun under a piano.

Take a listen to Miss "La Roar" and Mr "Of Time"'s unholy melding of Mac the Knife and Shaggy's It Wasn't Me... I've literally just got the significance of that Mash Up as I write this... I feel more stupid than usual...

If you're hankering for some of Kitty and Nick's peculiar musical concoctions, or if you'd like more information on them in general get in touch on sales@sternbergclarke.co.uk or give us a call on 020 8877 1102.