In Pictures: I Heart Parties @ Under the Bridge

April 17, 2015

We all love a good showcase and when you’re one of the companies involved then it just makes sense to provide acts that will get everybody talking.

With the drink flowing and the smiles already beginning to form, it was time for I Heart Parties to begin.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words so in order to save on space (and time), we’re going to provide you with a load of photos rather than droning on and writing a small novel in the process.

Wandering Hands meandered through the crowds to perform a few classics from their repertoire early on...

  ...Whilst Acro-Chaps quickly got into the swing of things, lifting one another and various surprised members of the guestlist into the air. The muscles and moustaches combine to create something unique and 'effortless' (sorry).

  Before long, it was time for the stage to be put to use and four members of the Dhol Foundation sprang into action, delivering rhythmic beats in the only way that they can.

   Wandering Hands stopped their wandering to put in a performance that the entire events crowd could enjoy...

      ...Before Beatvox put in an appearance and brought the house down with their combination of beatbox and a capella vocals.

    All the while, Acro-Chaps continued to showoff their rippling biceps to broad applause. 

   Rounding out the night were three faces we’d already seen previously. Now accompanied by a few further performers, Wandering Hands morphed into the supergroup Hand Fulla Soul and played a monstrous set covering such bands and singers as Spice Girls, The Killers, Tina Turner and yes, even Coolio! 

     We had a fabulous time and we hope you did too. Many thanks to Under the Bridge, Peachy Productions, Hospitalityline, Levy Restaurants and Millennium Hotels for helping to put this private event together. 




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By Henry Fosdike