Hurly Burlesque: 'Miss Polly Rae and Her Hurly Burly Show' at Madame Jojos

September 28, 2011



It's amazing what "Work Sanctioned Nudity" can do to a guy. Just the faintest hint of legitimacy surrounding a trip to a burlesque club can turn even the most bashful booker of corporate entertainment into an emboldened voyeur, casually observing the show as if it were no different to a Jazz Band or a Stand Up Comic. It is different, of course - Booth Street West rarely play with nipple tassels (that we can see) - but the ingenuity and craft that clearly went into Polly Rae's show at Madame Jojo's makes you wonder whether it should be treated as such.

"I come for the nudity but I stay for the feathers"

While it's long been seen as Stripping's classier cousin, Burlesque still has a reputation that can raise eyebrows, especially when you float the idea as Corporate Event Entertainment. But in the right hands, a Burlesque show can remain just the right side of sleazy with a mixture of comedy, timing and genuine talent. And without a doubt, Miss Polly Rae & Her Hurly Burly Girls are the right hands. Risqué enough to raise a titter, but never uncomfortably raunchy; the show is so smartly paced that the audience never really gets a chance to wonder what they're doing watching a French Maid tottering across the stage to pick up the discarded garments of the previous performers to the strains of the 'Allo 'Allo theme tune... Thanks to the guiding hand of much sought after Creative Director William Baker, the show has a pace and energy that never lets up throughout the running time.

This is the second sexiest picture on the Sternberg Clarke Website. Go to the 'About Us' Section for the First.

Breathlessly switching between spoken word interludes, fire-eating, singing and dancing - the performers display talents far beyond 'looking nice and hiding behind feathers'. Polly's voice is particularly impressive, especially considering she sounds good whilst being ripped out of a corset by her backing dancers during a performance of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' that manages to make the audience forget that they are (probably) sick to death of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' thanks to 2 years of aural water torture from repeated radio plays. It's really that good.

Literally the only position Polly can sit comfortably in.

Polly even tackles the difference between Stripping and Burlesque head on with a semi-spoken word anecdote about an overzealous window cleaner displaying no shortage of comedic talent, before launching into a full on song and dance routine. Constantly clever and inventive; the way the show keeps twisting the idea of burlesque into new and unusual shapes (whilst still maintaining the core of the experience) is genuinely exciting and it's easy to see why Miss Polly's show has beguiled Boy George, both Minogue’s and Lady Gaga.

Madame Jojo's without all those pesky 'people' in it

We've discussed the suitability of Burlesque for Corporate Events and Weddings in the past and while it's certainly not for everyone, at the right event and with the right crowd,  a show like Miss Polly Rae and her Hurly Burly Girls can make for unforgettable event entertainment. Polly also offers classes in the art of Burlesque which could be a fantastic idea for Interactive Event Entertainment.

Take a Look at Polly in action below!

To check out Polly and the Hurly Burly Girls' take a look at her upcoming events. Madame Jojo's is available to book for Private Events, go to their website for more details. For more info on booking Polly for a Corporate Event get in touch via our contact section.