How to Learn Circus Skills

August 10, 2017

We all love the circus and that’s because artists and performers achieve feats that simply look impossible! But have no fear! If you have seen a talented act juggle, unicycle or something else entirely then this is the blog for you. We run through five circus skills that you can learn right now! Let’s go.

Learn to Contact Juggle

Contact juggling is – to the layman - the art of manipulating a transparent sphere so that it appears to be floating in the air. Often performed to ethereal background music, this is a beautiful form of entertainment and the video above covers the basics!

Learn to Juggle

If you’re not too sure about trying to make a ball look like it is levitating in thin air, then buy a couple more and thrown them about in a way that seems impossible (trust us, we’ve tried!) Juggling is a skill that anybody can pick up but be warned – it does take practice. Nothing comes easy but if you’re looking for an exceptional party trick, this is the one for you.

Learn to Unicycle

Interestingly, booking a unicyclist isn’t as popular as a lot of other forms of circus entertainment. It’s hard to know why because the skill involved is exceptional as the video above shows. We once wrote a blog on learning to unicycle but if you’re struggling to follow that (it is a tad tongue in cheek after all), then the video above might be the one for you!

Learn to Hula Hoop

There are many videos on YouTube teaching you how to learn a certain skill and the hula hoop is no different! Despite watching a number of these ‘learn the basics’ clips, we still can’t do it so we think hula hooping might not be for us. It might be for you though, so if you want to become a Superhooper watch the video and learn how to hula hoop above!

Learn to Roue Cyr

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit because there’s no simple ‘how to’ for Roue Cyr. That being said, there is a Roue Cyr basics video on YouTube and clocking in at 17 minutes, you’ll certainly be up to speed on what to do and how to do it by the time the video ends. Even so, a Roue Cyr isn’t the cheapest bit of equipment to by, so make sure you’re committed before diving in!

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By Henry Fosdike