How to Incorporate Dance into a Wedding

April 17, 2019

How do you incorporate dance into a wedding? Aside from the first dance, which is a given for most couples, there are many other opportunities for dancing to be incorporated and we thought we would offer up a few ideas just for you.

We’ve all seen the wedding videos that go viral, where friends and family come together to surprise the bride and/or groom with a dance that they have been rehearsing for months. They walk down the aisle to a wedding march before the music suddenly changes. Suddenly even Uncle Eric is body popping down the aisle. This is one such way that you can incorporate dance at your wedding but it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this!

One beautiful way in which dance can be incorporated into your wedding is by booking professional dancers. You could book ballet dancers to deliver an elegant performance or book ballroom dancers to show how the professionals do it ahead of your wedding reception. If you are booking a wedding around Christmas time, you could even book dancers to perform inside a snow globe. If it’s a headline performance you want, you need not think about only booking a DJ or band, dancers can also impress with their vast array of choreographed performances.

Looking to get everybody involved in the dancing? A disco is perhaps the best way to go but in terms of actually learning a few moves, we love acts like The Twin Swing that not only show off their abilities but will also be able to teach guests the Charleston; definitely one for the lovers of vintage out there! Naturally booking a ceilidh is also a great idea if you want everyone to dance – they are tiring but they are also great fun.

Many want to give themselves an entrance at their wedding reception and what better way to do it than by appearing after an ‘intro’ from a dance troupe like The Gatsby Girls or The Hollywood Sensations? There are certainly worse ways to appear to a crowd! Besides, your wedding night is meant to be a party so why not have some fun with some of your dance ideas?

Lastly you might want to pay homage to your heritage during your wedding and this can also be achieved through dance. By hiring Irish dancers, Bhangra dancers or dancers from many other corners of the world, there is always an opportunity to pay a tribute to where your predecessors came from.

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By Henry Fosdike