How to Hold a Historical Themed Party

October 27, 2016

Who doesn’t love a bit of history? When it comes to themed parties, many people tend to pick something based on a television show, film or book series. They might even theme it around the current time of year or something that’s currently in the news. But why not have more historical parties? History themed events can be great fun and here we’ll run through a couple of good ideas to get you up and running.

Location, location, location!

 It’s no good holding your historical party in a venue that doesn’t suit what you’re aiming for. Sure, you could probably hold your event in the local village hall but it doesn’t exactly scream Henry VIII and grandiose, does it? What we’re trying to say is that it doesn’t really scream ‘ye olde’ when it was built in the 1970s. No, what you need is to hire a venue for your event that actually has a bit of history to it! We’re thinking Historical Royal Palace's Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House or even the British Museum, which has a fine catalogue of ancient items nestled within its walls. So if you7 want to go historical, start with the setting!


 We know that not all people like fancy dress, deeming it to be a lot of effort compared to just turning up in your work clothes. But not every event has a historical theme affixed to it! Costumes are a must if you want to take guests back in time properly and if you’re really wanting to make your party stand out, why not hire costumed characters to complete the look? Coming with astonishingly detailed costumes that make for fabulous photos, we provide actors who can play anyone from history be it a poor peasant worker through to royalty!Don't forget to hire a costume for yourself as well!

Royal Footmen and Jesters!

 Well it’d hardly be a historical affair without some form of comedy would it? The royals famously enjoyed being entertained at their banquets by many a fool and you can recreate this by hiring royal footmen or jesters to add to the flavour of your historically themed event. They don’t just meet and greet either; the jesters are able to perform on stilts, entertain with incredible acrobatics and can even hula hoop if you ask them to! We admit that this may not be as historically accurate as other suggestions but we’re fairly certain that your guests will be beaming from ear to ear at their antics!


 ‘Tisn’t really a party if you don’t have music now, is it? We acknowledge that the idea of long summer nights is now a couple of months behind us, but that’s no excuse not to have some form of olde entertainment front and centre for guests to enjoy. Be they providing background music or a short and intimate show, our lutists are sure to impress. With full regalia as standard, you’ll almost certainly believe that you have gone back in time.

A Memento!

 What's the point in having an incredible party if you can't take home a lovely memento at the end of the evening? We don't think many guests really want a party bag comprising of a piece of cake, a cheap toy and a pencil, so why not go one further and allow them to go home with a caricature or silhouette outline of themselves? These have been extremely popular forms of entertainment historically and still go down well today. Great fun and you'll be able to rememeber your history themed party for time immemorial.

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By Henry Fosdike