How to Get Guests Dancing at your Wedding

February 15, 2017

We all know that at a wedding, there’s going to be some dancing involved. Unfortunately, a fair number of people are pretty reluctant to put on their dancing shoes no matter what the occasion, so we thought we’d highlight some sure fire ways to kick them into gear! Not literally of course…

Lead by Example

Your first dance is the headline event of the evening and is sure to entice a large crowd. You can either go for a traditional slow dance or a modern hybrid or various songs. Whichever one you go for, if you manage to make it look easy and impress your wedding guests then you can rest assured that the dance floor will be filled for much of the evening. Stuck for a song? Here's a list of the most popular first dance wedding songs!

Book a Ceilidh Band

By booking a ceilidh band, you’re practically ordering the room to dance! Generally associated with a celebration, a ceilidh is a fantastic alternative to a DJ in that no matter how awful someone might think they are at dancing, everybody can join in! A caller will teach you the steps and – similar to line dancing – it’s fun for all ages. The live band generally play upbeat tunes and you’ll be humming along as you make friends and clap to the beat. A lovely idea for your wedding day.

Take Requests

In advance of the wedding day itself, you want to ensure that everybody who attends will have an opportunity to strut their stuff on the dancefloor. To this end, why not take requests for the evening? A DJ or band can schedule in songs that are special to you or associated with either the bride or groom and best of all, you don’t even need to know about them before they are put forward! It can all be done in secret between the Best Man or Maid of Honour and the entertainment act you’ve gone for. By taking requests for your wedding day, it should encourage a few more people to dance the night away.

Make it Mandatory

We aren’t advocating forcing everybody to dance on your wedding day, but the bridal party – ushers and bridesmaids – have no excuse! Many of those who aren’t sure about dancing might be influence by those in charge deciding to get up and have a boogie, so insist on those closest to you joining in the fun.  

Hire a Professional Band

Our final suggestion is obvious but some people might not do it! Yes, we are biased being an entertainment agency, but we highly recommend booking a professional band for your wedding reception. Made up of talented musicians who perform week in, week out at weddings all across the country, you can be sure you’re getting a group who read the room perfectly. Blending ballads with contemporary dance hits, they ensure that everybody will want to dance at some point during the evening!

Pull ‘Em Up!

Okay, fine. We do actually have one last tip. If all else fails, use the classic ‘grab them by the arm’ technique. No matter how much they look like they’re stuck to that chair in the corner, a good yank of their arm (we recommend getting a firm grip just above their elbow) should inch them forward enough that refusing to dance just doesn’t seem like an option any more. Using your spare hand to whip up encouragement from others around the table, you should have gained a new dancer! Wahey! (Note: We accept no responsibility for any injuries incurred.)

Ultimately, as James Brown sang, GET ON UP! There’s no excuse not to! Have a wonderful time.



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By Henry Fosdike