How to Come Up with an Event Theme

March 27, 2020

When it comes to planning an event, there is always the question of theme. Should you have one? How far do you want to go with the theme? Should everyone dress up? We’ll seek to answer these questions as best we can in the following blog.

When it comes to events, it is a lot easier to plan if you come up with a theme. It doesn’t have to be outlandish or based on a popular franchise, it’s simply easier for everybody to be on the same page if you come up with a theme. It could be a word or an idea; as long as everyone understands what you are going for then there should be no problems down the road. If you have are holding a networking drinks that you want to be the most boring party of all time, ‘beige’ could be a good word that denotes the theme. You don’t have to tell the guests that this is the theme but it is a key word that will help everybody organising the event to ensure that you get exactly what you are going for. NB: Beige would be a terrible theme to go for!

If you are wanting a more interesting theme that everybody can get behind for an amazing event, you can achieve this in two ways. You can either start with how you want it to look and work out the theme from there or just decide on a theme like ‘Space’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and work in the acts and suppliers around it. 

The latter option tends to be more popular because it allows for the imagination to really kick in. An Alice in Wonderland party will no doubt require an Alice, a Mad Hatter, etc. and many of these characters can also be entertainers. We have had the Queen of Hearts as a stilt-walker before whilst Mad Hatters can be guitarists, magicians or jugglers. There is really no end to the creativity possible.

If you go for the former option of picking something you’d like at your party and then working the theme around it, that can also work but is slightly harder to make work. If you have set your heart on a pink unicorn corner but are also wanting the heavy metal rock band to headline the evening then as you can see working out a theme is a lot more difficult. For that particular example, you can always go with the ultimate freewheeling imaginative event planning idea - ‘Walking through a Dreamscape’ theme AKA anything goes.

But let’s say you would love a themed party but you aren’t the most creative. Which event themes are the most popular? On our end we have seen a huge uptick in circus musical events ever since The Greatest Showman became a mega hit. Combining music, dance and circus together, it’s a ready made party theme. Other ‘evergreen’ themes include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland, Best of British and The Great Gatsby.

Another way you can theme an event is to look at the venue that you have booked for the occasion. If you haven’t yet booked the venue for an event then great, you have a blank canvas! But if you have then why not work out what sort of theme would best fit within its walls? Although suppliers can adapt any venue to a theme, often it is most exciting to bring out the natural architecture in a way that compliments the theme. Gothic architecture? Hello Harry Potter! High up in the sky with cool windows looking down on the city? That’s a futuristic/space theme ready to happen!

It’s completely up to you which theme you go for but it’s also a good idea to consider the age of your clientele. Are they wanting something a bit more rowdy or are they looking to enjoy a tranquil dinner with a bottle of Champagne for each table? This can also be a great guiding principle in picking a theme. Do they want to dress up in fun costumes or will they prefer putting on a nice dress or suit? It’s your call!

Whatever theme you go for, remember that we have the entertainment to ensure that your event or party will be a great success. From unique acts to more traditional offerings, we will help make it work! For more information on booking entertainment please feel free to click around the website or get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike