Hosting a New Year's Party? Top Entertainment for Your End of Year Bash!

November 06, 2018

We admit that the title of this blog is a little different from our usual ones, but there is something exciting about New Year’s Eve and the promise of new beginnings from midnight onwards. With this in mind, we wanted to capture some of that emotion in this blog and where better than with the title? So if you’re looking to hold a New Year’s Party and are unsure what sort of entertainment to hire for the occasion, then read on below.

The Glitter Belles

Naturally. The most obvious choice for entertainment at a celebration, The Glitter Belles (above) will infuse your party with glitz and glam, dispensing Champagne (or your drink of choice)  to guests upon their arrival. Don’t go thinking that’s all they do either, oh no! You see when you book the Glitter Belles you not only get the shiniest of all our acts, but you also get talented stilt walkers into the bargain! So if you’re looking for some glitz, glamour, stilt walkers and a visual treat all in one, you know exactly which entertainment to go for this New Year.


 You might be thinking that this is a no brainer and perhaps so, but in a blog about top entertainment for a New Year’s party, you definitely need to have one of these in place for NYE. The choice of DJ depends entirely on the sort of music you and your guests would like to dance to as midnight nears – all of our DJs cater to different tastes so whether it’s pop, rock, motown or something else entirely, we can cater to your specific choices. Just make sure that no matter what, Europe’s The Final Countdown plays at 11.55pm.

Edible Mist Orbs

 All good parties have great party food and yours should be no different. Party rings, iced gems, chocolate fingers— Just go wild in aisle 23 of your local supermarket and nobody will go home unhappy, especially if they’re being served by the Living Canapé Tables. That being said, there’s still room for other foods that nobody will have ever thought about and that’s where Edible Mist Orbs come in; you stick a straw between your teeth, suck in the fluorescent vapour at the orb and taste any manner of different flavours. From peppermint to strawberries and cream, any flavour is available to be made! Just ask when you book!

The Mirror Man

 You know how we said that your party needs some glitz and glam to help it stand out from the crowd and help you bring in the New Year in style? Well how about you hire a Mirror Man for your NYE and wow everybody into 2019? (If ‘wowing’ is a verb). Decked out in hundreds of tiny mirrors, The Mirror Man has all manner of mirror props to help bring his incredible presence to life, including pipes and walking sticks. A must see and perfect for sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Show Girls

 There is no better way to keep the party going after midnight than to ensure that everyone is dancing and having a good time. To this end, hiring show girls for your party is a no brainer! Bringing the spirit of Las Vegas to your party venue, the Show Girls are a glamorous and flamboyant act that come complete with dynamic choreography and sensational costumes. Guaranteed to wake everybody up if they were heading to the Land of Nod, this will ensure your NYE party goes on all night long!

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By Henry Fosdike