The Sternberg Clarchives: Vivienne Westwood vs Marie Antoinette for Ernst and Young

June 02, 2011



As part of our continued jaunt down event memory lane, we’re looking at some of our past events in the Sternberg Clarchives – this time the event in question has a distincly ‘Film by Sofia Coppola’ feel…

Our client Ernst & Young was holding an event at The Wallace Collection for their clients and guests. They came to us for a dramatic and innovative show focussed around the element of surprise. To fulfil the brief, we created and choreographed a bespoke performance featuring dancers and musicians.

The act began with dancers wearing traditional 18th Century costumes performing court-style period dancing accompanied by an acoustic violinist and guitarist. The performers then had a dramatic change of clothes into more edgy, brightly-coloured, corseted costumes which took influence from Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”with a Vivienne Westwood 80s punk twist. The instruments were also swapped from acoustic to electric and the sequence was brought into the 20th / 21st Century as they performed to a bespoke eclectic arrangement which progressed from the traditional fanfare to Adam and the Ants through The Kaiser Chiefs and finishing on The Strangeloves – I Want Candy. 

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