The Sternberg Clarchives: Rollerskating Cupcake Girls at Westfield’s 1st Birthday Party

August 03, 2011


 We’ve often featured strolling entertainment here on the Sternberg Clarke Blog, but it’s not often we’ve featured ‘rolling entertainment’. In our latest trip through the Sternberg Clarchives, we remember a time when we got our skates on… and also put skates onto other people. Just keep reading… The Westfields Shopping Centre in White City celebrated it’s first birthday a few years back and with the help of Sternberg Clarke, Westfields made it a birthday party to remember. The UK’s third largest shopping mall decided to cap off a great first year in the form of the veer popular ‘Cup-Cake’ or ‘Cupcake‘. Our spectacularly talented cupcake girls put on a multitasking display of pose and balance as they gracefully handed out the sweet treats on rollerskates. Lovely Cupcakes...going....going... Little did the unsuspecting public know that the cupcakes contained more than the usual ingredients. Once they had finished their tasty treat, in the bottom of their cupcakes some lucky members of the public found a prize code entitling them to some pretty amazing prizes from participating stores in the mall. One of the rolling skating girls handing out cupcakes This sort of ‘buzz marketing’ gives shoppers an experience outside of the norm when it comes to shopping centres, by using entertainment and spectacle, Westfields made a clear distinction between themselves and other similar malls creating an exciting atmosphere that was a million miles away from the usual slog around the high street. Two of the Roller skating cupcake girls posing for the camera! The constant element of surprise that keeps shoppers excited and creates a real buzz, as well as giving visitors a vivid memory of their experiences there. Though it may seem like a one off promotional stunt, an event like this firmly imprints itself into the minds of customers and hopefully, Westfields is forever associated with the excitement and surprise of a group of pink dressed ladies whizzing around on roller skates handing out cupcakes. Aerial view of the rush for the cupcakes It was a truly sumptuous way to celebrate the birthday of such a momentous and fabulous mall and we’re looking forward to getting involved in future birthdays there in the future. 

For anymore details on the above event; get in touch on sales@sternberg or call 020 8877 1102.