Happy St. David's Day - Welsh Entertainment Ideas

March 01, 2016

Happy St. David’s Day to all of our friends in Wales – or should that be Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus? Yes, the 1st of March heralds in the first of the national days in the UK and what better way for us to pay homage, than by compiling a list of all the wonderful Welsh entertainment you could hire for your St. David’s Day Party?

Daffodil Stilt Walkers

The thing about stilt walkers is that if you have thought about it, it probably exists. And so it transpires with these wonderful Daffodil Stilt Walkers! Hiring stilt walkers for an event is always good for not only inviting guests into your event – they’re great for greeting people – but also helps to show people exactly where your Welsh party is being held! We love these Daffodil Stilt Walkers and think they’ll be a great addition to your event.

Welsh Triple Harp

Although it first originated in Italy, the triple harp is synonymous with Wales thanks to the fact it is largely used nowadays in the playing of traditional Welsh folk music. We have a number of harpists for hire including those who play the Welsh triple harp. “What’s different about the Welsh harp?”, we hear you ask. Well, put simply, rather than employ the more common single row of strings, there are three rows on the Triple Harp, which means three times as much music for your money (not technically true, but there are three times as many possible string combinations!)

Welsh Male Voice Choir

When we think about famous Welsh musicians, the first that come to mind are probably Katherine Jenkins, Shirley Bassey and Tom Tones. Maybe even Charlotte Church pre-rock chick/Gavin Henson era. What links this fabulous foursome? Yep, their voices. Now imagine doubling them and getting them all to sing together! That is basically what you get with a Welsh Male Voice Choir. Beautiful music sang in a traditional way. What more could you want?

Karl Jenkins

Okay, you might not be able to actually hire Karl Jenkins (you could, though he probably costs a lot), but you could certainly hire a quartet or orchestra to perform some of his most beautiful pieces. Voted by listeners of Classic FM as the great living composer, it would be a treat to listen to his Adiemus series or Armed Man: A Mass for Peace from the comforts of your very own event.


You might not want to hire a traditional form of Welsh entertainment for your event, but instead want a genuine Welsh person to add to the St. David’s Day spirit! We have trumpeters, harpists (obviously – see above) but we also have a Welsh cellist, Rhian, whom can be hired by herself or as part of a cello quartet, who you can read about here. No doubt they can play a number of traditional Welsh folk tunes for your event!

And remember, if there’s anything else you’re after – be it a Welsh dragon costume or rugby player stilt walkers – then get in touch using the contact details below!

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By Henry Fosdike