Half Term Entertainment Ideas at our London Venues

February 13, 2018

We love entertainment and we love getting children involved in entertainment as early as possible, to be exposed to the experience that it can create! With this in mind, we thought we’d outline just a few of the entertainment options that you can visit at some of our venues this half term!

Kew Gardens

One of our favourite wedding venues – it seems like every week in summer that we are booking wedding entertainment for one of the spaces at Kew – the gardens have a number of lovely activities for all the family. Children can pull up their sleeves and get involved in a Thai dye workshop, whilst also learning about traditional Thai dress and Thai food. This all plays into the stunning Orchid Festival that runs until next month, featuring many wonderful plants from the south east Asian nation. If you attend on the weekend, you can also enjoy some live Thai music performances! Do you children love the flowers? Why not book Living Topiary or Flower Folk for their next birthday!

Hampton Court

The team at Historical Royal Palaces run a number of top London venues – Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Banqueting House and the Tower of London! When it comes to half term, you can go to one a day and certainly feel as though you’ve enjoyed the short break brilliantly. What’s on offer at the first of these venues? Well… At Hampton Court, families can enjoy The Great Palace Quest and discover whether you have what it takes to befriend the old King’s children. Naturally they’ll come away with a bucketful of historical knowledge and if you’re looking for live entertainment, you’ll be glad to know there’s music, dancing and a costume or two as well!

Kensington Palace

A popular visit with tourists due to its central London location and yes, where Harry and Meghan first showed off the ring to the world, Kensington Palace has a number of enjoyable activities this half term. Not only can you dress up as a Georgian and create a mask fit for a royal party, but you can also pick up a Time Explorers bag and discover the fascinating stories as you explore the palace rooms. We are envious that we can’t grab one ourselves!

The Tower of London

Brace yourself for this one because it’s awesome. This half term, you can head to the Tower of London and, wait for it, your children can join Knight School. Yes, Knight School. Over the course of a day, you can train as a page, then a squire and then finally, you will become a Knight of the Tower. What can be cooler than that? The answer is nothing! An amazing form of interactive entertainment, children can also make and decorate their own helmet, try on medieval costumesand follow a Knights of the Tower trail. If that’s not awesome enough, you’ll be able to take home a shield to design your very own family coat of arms! Words can’t describe our excitement for this one!

Natural History Museum

One of the favourite venues for a family looking for entertainment at half term, you can no longer see Dippy the dinosaur unless you head to the lovely Dorchester Museum! The main attraction in the Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall is now Hope the Blue Whale but that’s not all for the half term attractions. This week you can take part in the Family Festival; ocean-themed, family-friendly fun! Taking place throughout the museum, children can meet scientists, get hands on with nature and adventure into the deep with a selection of different ocean shows including Extreme Sharks and Wonderful Whales. You’ll definitely want to ‘sea’ it.

It goes without saying that the entertainment on offer this half term is brilliant and best of all, many of these delights are free! After exploring the venues, you might want to book the venue for an event and if that’s the case, then feel free to get in touch to hear what entertainment we can offer. Have a wonderful half term!



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By Henry Fosdike