Gypsy and Jessie at Gibson Hall

November 25, 2011



As the Head office to the National Provincial Bank of England from 1862 to the mid-20th Century, Bishopsgate's Gibson Hall is a prime location for corporate events in the banking industry. But this recent event was a touch more personal as two of our top musical acts were on hand to help celebrate a couple's 30th Wedding anniversary.

Jessie shows that the Anniversary Present aren't the only things with Bows...

Violinist Jessie was there to greet guests as they came into the event with a strolling performance set to a bespoke backing track. A violinist is always a great way to create a sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere at an event and the musician’s freedom to roam around the event whilst improvising adds a degree of spontaneity to what would otherwise be background music.

Gypsy take to the stage at Gibson Hall

Following Jessie's performance covers band Gypsy took to the stage for a set of dance-floor fillers from the past few decades. A versatile function band with a powerful rhythm section, Gypsy are able to play anything from Motown to soul to a full set of Jazz Standards as background music for an event. The band played to a warmly appreciative audience who kept dancing long into the night.

Take a listen to a soundclip of Gypsy here.

This picture is "The Best Thing Synth Sliced Bread"

Insert Clever Gypsy Pun - Bwah Ha Ha etc.

For more information on Jessie, Gypsy or any of our other great bands for dancing, get in touch through our contact section.