Guest Post: 5 Great London Wedding Planners

August 22, 2018

We know how important it is to make sure that your special day is also your perfect day. That being said, we’re also aware of how stressful planning a wedding in one of the U.K.’s most incredible cities is! We’ve narrowed down the lists to find you the top 5 wedding planners in London. To be frank - it’s London. There are a million incredible wedding and party planners, so we had to pick some pretty stringent criteria on how to judge all of these amazing wedding planners in London and be able to bring you the 5 absolute best. 

After talking to hundreds of brides, we discovered the top most important services and aspects of wedding planners in London that brides look for. So we have scoured this fine city to find the 5 best planners that bring you:

Optional services, like day of planning, wedding PA’s, and complete planning. Making your planner available to fit your unique needs.

Boutique and high style planners who have an artistic eye and stay current with the newest trends in weddings. No taffeta and puff sleeves for you!

LGBTQ+and denominationally friendly and experienced services. Your wedding is all about you, your traditions, and your lifestyle.

Openly communicative. Readily adaptable, with a wide range of vender relations. It’s important that your planner have good contacts so you can get the vendors that perfectly fit your vision.

Easy to book and not so busy that your needs will come second to anyone else. Experience is necessary, but you have to be sure that you and your wedding is the main priority of the planner.

Good value for money. Weddings aren’t cheap, but the right planner can save you quite a bit of money. 

All of these criteria make perfect sense when choosing a wedding planner in London. It’s important that, ultimately, your day is stress free, fun, beautiful, and exactly as you’ve pictured it since you were a little girl. So here are our favorites to help you celebrate your special day in style!

The Bijou Bride
Even the ethos of this company is exactly what you’re looking for. The Bijou Bride runs off the motto “Your wedding, your rules”. 
The weddings that they produce are those of fairy tales. They have been featured in numerous magazines for their stunning creations, and the head designer was even a commentator for the Royal Wedding. They also have vendor associations for days. 
They only offer minimal packages and these guys are busy, a testament to their incredible prowess and producing some of the most glamorous weddings we’ve ever seen.

Pocketful of Dreams
Another incredibly fashionable luxury wedding design company, Pocketful of Dreams' founder, Michelle Kelly has been given extremely high praise and features in some of the top fashion magazines, including Vogue and Glamour. 
Pocketful of Dreams also offers fewer customizable services for the bride to be and the wedding options. This is easily made up for by the incredible vendors and venues they have at their disposal. 

- SnapDragon knows how to throw an unforgettable event. Many of their parties are over the top in the best way possible. They are the gurus of weddings that aren’t just weddings, but events that will be absolutely unforgettable. 
- They offer specialties in Indian, Asian, and Jewish weddings and if that’s what you’re planning, you’ll be more than aware of how many details there are that must be flawlessly executed. 
- They also offer destination wedding packages which are utterly fab!

My London Wedding Planner
Lead designer Ayshea Donaldson has been featured in quite a few wedding magazines and it’s no wonder why. Her aesthetic is absolutely incredible. With bespoke luxury wedding design that speaks to a wide variety of brides, she is an up and coming star, renowned for her innovative creations of your ideal vision. 
Easy to book and excellent value for money. My London Wedding Planner has a keen sense of which vendors and venues will fit your personal style best. 
My London Wedding Planner is an absolute joy to work with, with a wide range of available packages that fit your needs. 

Lindy Dowling
Lindy Dowling is one of London's unsung heroes in the wedding planner world. Her weddings are absolutely breathtaking and incredibly affordable.
Lindy Dowling offers a wide range of packages and options available with up front pricing and a zest for finding exactly what fits you best.
- She has been referred to as “professional and personable”, ready to help at any moment, but also great when it comes to getting you the best deal for your needs. Awesome! 



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By Sierra Evans