Guards, Royal Footmen Jugglers and Strings at the Holiday Inn

September 04, 2012

What are we going to do once the Paralympics are over? What will happen to London? Can we still be proud of being British? Do we have to put the red back in the Union Jack? Thankfully, we can push these questions to the back of our collective as the Paralympics have a little while longer to run - as evidenced by this recent corporate event at the newly built Holiday Inn Stratford.  

 To help welcome members of the International Paralympic Committee to our great, if slightly humid city, we supplied a selection of brilliant acts that give guests a taste of what the UK has to offer, entertainment wise. And what the UK has to offer, entertainment wise, is men in authentic military costumes. Greeting guests at the entrance of the hotel, our Grenadier Guard and Yeoman of the Guard were on hand to pose for pictures and welcome guests into the venue.

 Elsewhere, contact juggler Stuart treated guests to a mesmerising display of crystal ball manipulation. This modern twist on strolling circus entertainment has long been a popular choice for wandering entertainment at events and guests got a real kick out of Stuart’s contact juggling skills. Adding to the regal feel of the event were the Royal Footmen whose mix of mime and physical comedy had guests in stitches and proved a brilliant way to usher guests into the venue. Sporting full costume and make-up, the pair treated every guest as if they were royalty, bowing and scraping as if their lives depended on it... which a few hundred years ago, it probably would have.

 Giving visitors a keepsake for the evening was our Caricaturist who flitted between guests creating charming and humorous portraits. Music came in the shape of not one, but two string quartets (split across different levels of the venue) featuring members of our String Ensemble Fuze , the quartets provided classical background music for guests as they enjoyed drinks, canapés and the stunning views over east London.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. 

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