Great Venues - The Natural History Museum

June 09, 2015

There are some venues that lend themselves to great events and the Natural History Museum is no exception with numerous rooms in which to hold events including the magisterial Hintze Hall, the centrepiece of the entire building. With the famous Dippy the Dinosaur at the centre and Darwin’s statue looking down from on high, there are numerous ways to create a bespoke event for a client.

Here we divulge a few of our favourite Natural History Museum events.

Phantom of the Opera

 This one was just ten days ago but my, did it catch people’s imaginations. We assembled two performers who had previously played the signature roles in the production of Phantom of the Opera on the West End and ensured that their performance would go down a storm. Making use of the unique venue capabilities afforded to us at the Natural History Museum, the duet featured the Phantom appearing atop the stairs and slowly descending to meet Christine. A tour de force of planning and production.

 Mary Poppins

An event showcasing the best of London from last year comprised a variety of different and exciting acts, the most notable (at least, where pictures and video are concerned) undoubtedly being the use of a cast of performers to re-enact a few classics from everybody’s favourite London film, Mary Poppins. Eliza Doolittle was also to be found, wandering the corridors thrusting flowers into the hands of passers-by. A couple of mime acts called to mind the classic era of silent film whilst Wandering Hands serenaded guests with their eclectic repertoire of acoustic tunes. All in all, a stunning showcase event that reminded everyone of London’s rich history.


Roue Cyr/Kyan

A little more subdued perhaps, but no less impressive was a combination that we put together for the Strictly SW7 event at the Natural History Museum in 2012. With the event including a sit down dinner in Hintze Hall, space was limited but from strict parameters can sometimes come some of the most effective events. That was certainly the case here where a grand piano was set up in front of the Charles Darwin statue, Kyan performed some scaled back pop songs and a resplendent roué cyr performance accompanied the music. A winning combination.

 Titanic II

 It’s easy to forget quite how large Hintze Hall is and which acts it can comfortably accommodate. For an event centred around a possible launch of Titanic II in 2012, the evening had to be alluring, filled with grandeur and ideally encompass a full orchestra. Quite the brief! With StelliniSiren, singer Roxy Darr, violinist Taylor Davies and classical guitarist Sungha Jung also in attendance, the evening was undoubtedly a success, reminding us all just how brilliant this venue is for entertainment and events.



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By Henry Fosdike