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September 01, 2015

Gold painted Stilt Walker for corporate event entertainment

Ensuring your pop-up event will reach the target market is a vital process. It’s true, you can’t plan every detail (damn you, UK weather – ever the party pooper!) but you can take various steps to ensure that your pop-up event gets seen by as many people as possible. By hiring an entertainer to perform and engage a crowd, your pop-up promotion can stand out from the crowd and succeed. So who you should hire for your exclusive pop-up party? Well, we have some pretty good ideas...


 Hire a magician to ensure that your pop-up event doesn’t just intrigue but also entices your target audience with a little magic! If you’re promoting a magic shop then obviously hiring a magician would be the way to go, but why else might you hire one? Well, people love being amazed and a magician does exactly that. Your pop-up will stand out from the crowd if your act can magically make free pizza appear from thin air or (you better believe it) help make debt disappear. Endlessly entertaining and with superb personalities, it’s a magician’s job to break the ice and where better than at your pop-up event? They make a great hiring choice, bringing the pop-up directly to the people!

Function Band

 Of course, we could specify which function band to hire for your pop-up party but we aren’t sure exactly what your pop-up event is promoting! If you’re wanting something a little more eccentric then Ze Trio will be right up your alley. Wanting a crowd singalong? Wandering Handsare where it’s at! Or maybe you fancy some opera (or could that be pop-upera?) to ensure that your pop-up event will be heard from three blocks away! Music is a natural way to entice people to pop in, especially if the function band is singing the classics. Top of the pops!

Stilt walkers

 Putting the ‘up’ in ‘pop-up’, when you ‘hire’ a stilt walker, they always ‘raise’ a smile (yes, we went there). Now why might you want a stilt walker? What exactly do stilt walkers do, aside from standing around, having to smile each time somebody asks what the weather is like up there? Put simply, they are greeters and also a great advertisement for your pop-up event, as well as coming in all different shapes and sizes. You can spot stilt walkers from far away and be honest, if you can see a stilt walker in a usually quiet area of town, you will pop over to see what’s going on. Especially if there seems to be the added promise of free stuff!


 Hiring a DJ is a no-brainer for a pop-up store, especially if your event is being held in a hugely popular area where it may be missed by the casual shopper not looking for a pop-up experience. If your pop-up isn’t limited by sound constraints, a DJ is the way to go because of their uncanny ability to pick out the hits that will keep people dancing. Pop, rock, even a bit of reggae! A pop-up store is nothing without a good pop-up vibe and a DJ will get everyone in the mood to party!

A pop-up event is always hard to get right but by hiring the right entertainment act you're definitely more than half way there. So be it, a DJ, stilt walkers, a function band or a magician, have a think what would make your pop-up stand out! 


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By Henry Fosdike