Glow Hoop Duo at the Wedding Industry Awards

February 04, 2014

We’re well into awards ceremony season where a variety of different industries take a look back over the previous twelve months and celebrate the achievements of the year. The wedding industry is no different, as evidenced by the recent You and Your Wedding Bridal Retail Awards and last week’s Wedding Industry Awards (or TWIAs).

 All photos by is different about The Wedding Industry Awards is that we had the honour of judging on them which gave Alice and our wedding team a chance to display their wedding expertise in a wide variety of categories ranging from bridal wear to the all important entertainment. But to prove we’re not all talk when it comes to the all important entertainment, we were honour bound to provide some of our own... and we did, in the form of our Glow Hoop Dancers.

 All photos by illuminated hula hooping show joins our glow drummers SPARK! and LED Freerunners Spectrum in our ever growing (or ever glowing... sorry) stable of neon themed entertainment ideas. The act was a great way to cap of a fantastic awards ceremony, the winners from which you can see right here.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the awards and good luck to anyone hoping to enter next year. For more information on booking any of the acts featured at the awards ceremony, head over to our contact page and get in touch.