5 Tips for Your Game of Thrones Experience

April 13, 2015

Yes, Game of Thrones is back tonight and whether you’re a fan of the Starks or the Lannisters, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Arya rules. As does that theme tune. And Peter Dinklage-- Oh there’s too much goodness to mention when it comes to Game of Thrones, so why not host a party in its honour?

Aside from having a pretty damned cool throne in the corner, which your drunken guests can fight over throughout the night, we thought we’d help you out in hosting your very own Game of Thrones experience.

Pick the Venue

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Well, you’re spoilt for choice here. You could take a trip over to Ireland in order to truly make yourself feel part of your favourite warring family, but why not pick a historic building instead? Aside from protecting you from the various elements and possible dragons, they tend to come equipped with toilets, which your guests will be extremely thankful for once the grog starts flowing.

Assemble the Guestlist Carefully

 You don’t want the storylines in Game of Thrones to rub off on your guests, so be sure to focus on compiling a guestlist in which no one family is represented too much. This may lead to violence and other problems. Speaking of which, maybe enforce a ‘no plus one’ rule, especially if your friend is desperate to bring their sibling and you have made plans for overnight accommodation.

Costume, Costume, Costume

 No Game of Thrones party would be complete without some good costumes! Do you want to be Daenaerys? Then you better make sure that you can find the perfect dress. Or maybe Jon Snow is your preferred inspiration? Although it should be said that if you do wish to copy Kit Harrington, you’ll need to grow impressive facial hair. There can’t be much worse than somebody attempting to be Jon Snow with stubble that even a baby would be embarrassed about. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you could always hire some actors to stroll amongst your guests. Although if you hire a Joffrey, it’s not our fault if all hell breaks loose.

Pick the Right Music

 Dum dum du-du-dum dum du-du-dum dum du-du-dum dum du-du-dooooo-do do-do-dooooo-do do do do... If you don’t watch it, that made no sense. If you do, then you can thank us for getting the gorgeous Game of Thrones theme in your head. We have bands that can put together a setlist that fits for whichever area of Westeros you feel like celebrating and yes, if you want a flamenco version of the theme then that’s fine too. (Believe us, it really works).

Say it with Fire

 Let’s be honest, the world of Game of Thrones would not be complete without fire. As such, it may be an idea to celebrate this fact by hiring some form of entertainment to go with your theme. Perhaps a Fire Tuba or Spark Fire? If you can find dragons somewhere then that too could be an option. Just make sure everything falls within the health and safety guidelines (something Ned Stark never had to worry about).

Oh and just one more thing...

Save Your Wedding for Later

 Although we love weddings and helping out with them, we feel that a Game of Thrones-themed wedding is probably not the way to go. Especially if you’re planning on giving it a red theme. So maybe save that for another day...





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By Henry Fosdike