Freerunners and Violinist at Syon House

May 24, 2013

Not all entertainment comes pre-packaged and at Sternberg Clarke we pride ourselves in combining acts to create something new and unusual. Take, for instance, this event at Syon House where we teamed a troupe of freerunners with electric violinist, Gita, to create a breathtaking outdoor show.

 If we’re being completely honest – it wasn’t a completely new idea; we’d created a similar hybrid act for a corporate event at the Saatchi Gallery but the change in venue and performance space gave the concept new life. Guests were transfixed as our freerunners bounded and somersaulted between podiums backed by Gita’s high energy musical performance.

 Much like the recent Recitalists Launch event, the act combined a musical and visual element to create something memorable. Gita’s animated performance style mixed with the grace and composure of the freerunners made for a fitting, if unusual partnership and because no venue is the same, combining an act in this way means every new performance is a one-off.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

     You can see more examples of how we combine acts to create bespoke shows in this Top 5 blog – to discuss more ideas for upcoming corporate events or private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.