Four Superb International Dance Acts

July 24, 2015

If you’re having a themed event or showcasing a product with links to a particular country or culture, then these four dance acts will be sure to entertain the crowds.

Morris Dancers – UK

 Well, it wouldn’t be a list without them, would it? Often confined to the ‘guilty pleasure’ category of British identity, Morris Dancing can trace its history back to 1448 when a troupe was paid seven shillings for their performance.  A traditional form of dancing that incorporates handkerchiefs, bells and sticks, Morris Dancing is a classic feature of May Day celebrations and country fairs, perfect for British-themed events and folk festivals.

Tango Soul – Argentina

 dance duo from Buenos Aires, Tango Soul have performed professionally all over the world for more than ten years. Bringing a touch of Latin flair to their thrilling dance routines, their infectious energy and authenticity can provide any event with an elegance and beauty that few styles can replicate. Steeped in the traditions of Argentine Tango, the act can also be updated to more modern forms without losing any of the atmosphere that makes Tango Soul so memorable.

Bhangra Dancers/Bolly Flex – India

 Breathtaking and internationally renowned, both Bhangra Dancers and Bolly Flex can bring India to your doorstep. Whether it’s Bhangra or Bollywood that you are looking to replicate at your private event, Sternberg Clarke have got you covered. Providing dancers, singers and dhol players, Bhangra Dancers can provide the vibrancy and costumes to get your party started! If film is what you’re after though, then maybe cast an eye towards the phenomenal Bolly Flex, the first Bollywood dance company to perform at the O2 and the Royal Opera House. If that’s not a recommendation then we don’t know what is!

Brazilian Bateria/Capoeira Ceara – Brazil

 As the name of our first group suggests, these are two incredible dance troupes from Brazil that couldn’t be more different. If you’re looking for something that combines the glamour and visual flair of Rio De Janeiro and Brazilian carnivals, Brazilian Bateria should be right up your alley. However, if you’re looking for physical feats and a dance that combines martial arts with music, Capoeira Ceara provides an enthralling experience unlike any other, able to be performed to pretty much any style from live drums to classic rock.

All our dance acts can provide something different but if you’re not too sure on what will be perfect for your events space, then let us know and we’ll endeavour to supply a troupe that fits in beautifully.




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By Henry Fosdike